If you’re ready for the world say so…

9 02 2009

Good Morning friends! True, it may not be ‘morning’ while you are reading this, and it is certainly not the ‘morning’ as I write this post. However, it is the morning of this blog, and the morning of this moment, and thus, I say to you: Good Morning!

I have created this blog for my family and friends. On Friday, February 13, I will be flying to Australia where I will study Adventure Education in Bendigo, Victoria, with La Trobe University, from March until June. After learning outdoor living and travel skills, I intend to apply my education to actual practice, which is the purpose of learning: to enrich one’s life experience. I will spend some time living outdoors and traveling, practicing moderation and simplicity.

But before that, I’ll be adjusting to Australia in a college setting. As I adapt, I will update this blog whenever an experience or thought deserves to be shared with all you lovely-wonderful-infinitepotentialfilled people.

I encourage you to comment on these posts, to send me emails (DanAHalpern@gmail.com), and call me at 040 670 6563 (from America, that would be 011 614 0670 6563. Don’t wory, it won’t cost me a thing ;).

And, as a last contact addition, here is my mailing address:

Daniel Halpern

Orde House (Houlahan Street) Room 11

La Trobe University Bendigo Campus

PO BOX 199

Bendigo Victoria 3552


Thank you for caring. Here’s a Haiku I wrote long ago that seems a fine welcome to my blog:

Here begins the end
Which starts the beginning and
Ends the start the same



How are you?

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