free thoughts flying through the air…

15 02 2009

So many faces on

So many people in

So many seats occu-

pying one plane;

I’m reminded of the board game Guess Who…

Mr. Banno’s twin brother serves meals up and down the aisles, apologizing for the lack of steak to rows 50-60;

Mrs. Van Den Bergh’s male counterpart revels at short-wave radio contact, talking to Africa before the internet;

people to people, travelers to travelers, family to friends, one to one…

“…is possible through the Zen knack of seeing the “suchness” of things. [Willow Trees] are so much what they are. So are people. Every person does a perfect job of being that particular individual and no other.” – Ho Chi Zen, from  Zenarchy

“…it is about a young man who didn’t know what to think of himself. Then one day he overheard another say of him, ‘Some say he is a holy man. Others say he is a shithead.’  Hearing this, the man was enlightened.” – Camden Benares, from Zenarchy

“What do stories mean? Truth is truth. If you hurt someone, you hurt self. If you help someone, you help self. Blood and bone is in all people. It’s the heart and intent that is different.” – Ooota, from Marlo Morgan’s Mutant Message Down Under

I thought it was hard to see the  Australian mountains in the distance becaues of a heat haze; it was smoke from the fires, many started, on purpose, by humans.




One response

15 02 2009
felix the rat

to sail down wind
Safety left us all along time ago. Its lovely to hear your attraction to connections.

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