Desire: connect to surroundings.

16 02 2009

Solution: walk barefoot.

It was the first morning to awake in Australia, and I did what any good American would do: go shopping! The pavement was cool; one kangaroo was standing on gaurd, the other lying down beside the first. Housemate Tim and I walked 3 km (2 miles) to Bendigo center. I left with a falafel sandwich in my belly (very good, mmmhmmm good); sage, kangaroo paw, cosmos bright eyes, tomato, raddishes, and cucumber seeds in my pocket; organic yerba mate, an instant curried vegetables meal in a bag, an organic dark chocolate bar (maya gold [?]), bilberry solution for eyecare 😉 , and the following experience:

I walk past a window with laughing Buddhas and pictures of yogis in the windows. There’s a zen phrase I love, a wonderful test of wisdom: “Be Mindfull in the Marketplace.” I walk into this shop, squeezed between a bistro and another namelessly repeated store found throughout all the globalized world, and saw a woman sitting, lotus position, in front of half a dozen men and women, some in chairs, some on mats and cushions on the ground. She invited me towards her with a smile and a nod to a cushion; she handed me a mat, I sat down, shut my eyes, and breathed in an Australian-led meditation.

‘Wherever you go, there you are.” No matter the country, peace is found within.

Several points of this meditation resonated strongly with me; now, I relate those points to you, in my own words (not that their my words. I didn’t invent them, I’m just stringing them together as follows):

God is in God’s house. When we interact with the universe, we ring Jah’s doorbell. While we wait for Allah to answer, we breathe.

Abraxas is a clear blue sky atop a green, serene hill. Thoughts are clouds.

Comfort is now.

After the session, we dedicated it to victims of the fires, the souls who have left certain physical bodies we may have become accustomed to, and anyone injured or in dis-ease. I like that: dedicating a moment after the moment; it gaves this impromptu stabilization I stumbled into both reality-applicable-meaning and closure.

The walk back was quite a test: hot, gravelly pavement on tired, blister-beginning feet (strength building feet). I remembered the advice given to Marlo Morgan while she walked through the Bush for several months, barefoot: “Forget the pain. Remove the thorns when we camp. Learn to endure. Focus your attention elsewhere. We will help your feet later. You can do nothing now.” (Mutant Message Down Under)

“She has wisdom and knows what to do
She has me and she has you.

I see you live on love street;
Theres this store where the creatures meet…
I wonder what they do in there
Summer sunday and a year.
I guess I like it fine, so far.” – The Doors, Dove Beat, er, love street.

I dedicate this post to you 🙂




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