orientation part 2

24 02 2009

big ol’ baked potato. then ->

African drum circle! BOOM bada BOOM! bababa BRRRRRREEEEE! (get up and dance) oma oma oma oma oma OOOOOOOOOOOH! BRA! bRA! brA! BRA! booooooooooom.

“Learning is not something that is done to you.” The Student as Nigger, by Jerry Farber.

In my experience, the largest problem with school is unmotivated students. Learning is an entirely unique process; and fear-driven youth, too unsure of their selves to practice something new, not only impede their own learning, but the learning of all students around them who follow their lead (the lead of the herd).

“Don’t be led to the slaughter.” – Roger Waters de Pink Floyd

“Teachers, priests, rabbis, leaders; it’s all the blind leading the blind”.  – Buddha

Nay, don’t be led to the slaughter; walk yourself there ♥




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