setting the scene (a comparison)

24 02 2009

At Ithaca College, the calm, quiet pond is farely central on campus.

At La Trobe University Bendigo, there is a pond at the back edge of campus (one must walk through a dry [due to the drought] wildlife preserve to reach it).  You may pass kangaroo on the way.

At IC, all is green (when not covered in snow).

At  LTUB, all is pale. One side of the pond looks like an image depicting a barren desert tundra of hell, equipped with sharp, twisting branches and small trees jutting out of the ground. Grey thorns sporadic. There are several green trees and shrubs spread throughout the area, as well as a few yellow dandylion-type flowers.

At IC, the water is clear.

At LTUB, the water is darker than the brown/yellow/red sand and rocks surrounding it.

At IC, there are ducks and fish.

At LTUB, there are flies, bees, magpies (birds), ravens, birds that sing a lovely tune, and dragon flies. Who knows what’s in the water…

At both universities, the ponds are next to a street where cars seldom drive past.

At both hemispheres, the sky is beautiful blue.

In America, one is slapped across the face with with splendor and magnificence. In Australia, one must tilt their head to adjust to the ancient, dignified majesty that is: the bush.

the Bendigo bushthe Bendigo bush




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