Why are we here?

6 03 2009

By considering the concept of time, one finds we only exist in the Present, the NOW. The past is history, the future is mystery, but the Present is eternity. To exist in a time that is not NOW is an impossibility.

Thus, we are here for NOW, for this moment. Still, we are growing. What we are doing is progressing NOW eternally forward into an always-new NOW. We are living in the moment, and we are building moment-um (or moment-ohm). Momentum. This is the purpose of our existence.

To what does Momentum accomplish? Momentum accomplishes the newest NOW; but, the condition and quality of one’s NOW depends on the Momentum accrued to reach this NOW.

Momentum can follow two paths: Separation Momentum (moment-um) or Unity Momentum (moment-ohm).

Separation Momentum is the Momentum that pushes forward a sense of separation, namely, the Ego. This is akin to eating anything with sugar: the more one eats, the more one wants more. Hence, the Ego gains momentum. Believing in ownership also gathers Separation Momentum: the more one belives one has, the further Separated the owner becomes from those that do not ‘have’.

Unity Momentum is Momentum stemming from a connection to the infinite within and without. It is akin to the indifferent ocean, silence, sharing, and the Sabbath.

Separation Momentum can create a sense of self-pride or self-loathing, as well as a sense of fear, believing one must protect their Ego.

Unity Momentum creates a feeling of peace with oneself, all else, and all events that occur.

Every day, one builds Momentum. Some days everything goes wrong, from being annoyed at traffic, to mindlessly spilling a hot drink on one’s lap, to being angered at a door for squeaking. This day is due to the accumulation of Separation Momentum, based on the belief of a separate self. Some days everything fits perfectly, from the song one wishes to hear being played on the radio, to a smile shared by two individuals on a train, to being pleased at the sound of a door’s squeak. This day is due to the accumulation of Unity Momentum, based on the belief that an individual is equal to all other individuals in the universe.

While Separation Momentum is based on the strength of one’s Ego, Unity Momentum is based on the strength of one’s conviction of infinite connectivity.

After this paper, a new NOW will take place, and you will build Momentum. The Will is the power of decision, the power of choice. One may Will to make choices to build Separation Momentum or Unity Momentum, strengthening one’s Ego, or strengthening one’s place in infinite. This is the choice.

Why are we here? You decide.




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6 03 2009

Of course, sometimes S.M. overlaps with U.M., and sometimes U.M. overlaps with S.M., and someimes Unity and Separation share the same Momentum, and sometimes words and thoughts only impede honestly-willed action.

7 03 2009

In understanding these concepts, we must first define a murky idea: What is the Ego?

I believe the Ego is the belief that one’s self is Separate from all else; Separate from space (those violent gangs in the city ain’t me because i’m in a suburb with ‘good’ education…) As if we weren’t part of the same system; Separate from time (‘i wish i had more hours in the day’ because ‘there’s not enough time to slow down’…) As if NOW wasn’t ageless and forever.

7 03 2009

at any rate, every person needs to find their own way. still, that way can follow a pattern of helping, or follow a pattern of hurting. The pattern is up to us. godspeed.

9 03 2009

freEGOd:: > free Ego god
freeGOD::/ \/
. .
Ego: separation of freedom and goddom
– w/out Ego-> WoManKind is freed tOGEther (reverse anything and find the perfecto fix)

eGO, in the other valley, is a flag of a nono-nation.
to GO as ease:: to GO as ecstasy:: to GO as energy

but Ego has tightened my mind, fine tuned my gears, taught me how to think, how to develop an understanding and, with out thought, to act upon the understanding. At the same time this Ego has made me loose focus in my own glory, caused me to trip on my own pride, and get lost with others vain.

ego is WoManKind’s most fragile crux and this fluid-ether has been influenced by a dominant culture of WAR, and by a reclusive culture of love. This delicacy of our ego along with the chaos of influences has caused the flow to split into infinite channels but mostly: 1- lost creating imaginations in a structure based off of supreme power-over (Ego), and 2- subdued trying to find the way to smile at every moment of is (eGO).

Sharing strength with our eGO pulls us out of pits of earhcidal nohope where WoManKind forgets how to grow (how flabbergasted it all is). the eGO knows movement is a catalyst which helps us forget the training we have been given: to greed, to long, to desire, to lust, to crave, and to kill.
with the eGO we are trained the art of particular-curious-self-chosen-enjoyment learning.

“chains around my arms to give you your freEGOd”


10 03 2009

{formate Er(G)rOr}

17 03 2009

Ego = stagnation = death.
eGO = moment-ohm.

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