Happiness is Integral

14 03 2009

“The means are the ends.” says Serj Tankian of System of a Down, on Wyclef Jean’s song Riot.

The means are the ends. Let’s look at this example: Working (means); what is the end?

What is the purpose of work? For some, it is to gain money. What is the purpose of money? Generally, to be secure and happy. Thus, Working for Money is Working for Happiness. However, as is the nature of any object of power, Money can corrupt, clouding one’s view of purpose and replacing itself instead of Happiness. One comes to believe Money is Happiness itself. The bridge linking the means to the ends replaces the ends.

“The means are the ends.”

Why do you work? Why are you reading this post? What ends do you wish to accomplish?

“The means are the ends.”

Sometimes, what one wishes to accomplish is capable of being accomplished within the action.

To many, Religion is the bridge that connects Life to God’s goodness. To many who practice a particular religion, customs and traditions are the bridge to connect the means of Life to the ends of Go(o)d. As with money, many become stuck on the bridge, and never realize the Ends, the Purpose of a Means.

Purpose is essential.

“The means are the ends.”

The bridge is sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes invisible, sometimes all that is visible. Being careful, wide-eyed amazed, and focused on the Purpose can transform the bridge into both the means and the end.




2 responses

14 03 2009
tall handsome troll

under your bridge i sit on my stool

forget not that you must play my riddles to walk above the raging mermaids that swim below this bridge. Fail to acknowledge me and forever you will be caste to stand eyes shut, and ears filled with glue. Left to ramble and ramble speaking nonsense for eternity.

if my bridge is your connection to why you chose to walk on earth then you better start paying attention to the beings that lurk above below and around your bridge, for you are not alone. Whether this scares you or excites you, that choice is up to you.


14 03 2009

Your final paragraph, talking about being wide-eyed amazed, hints at Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s words. He talked about living life in a state of “radical amazement” – the constant, moment-by-moment recognition of the limitless miracles we experience. The sense of radical amazement IS the connection to/awareness of/gratitude towards The Divine – no rituals required. The path, rather than the destination.

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