from nostalgia to new

17 03 2009

After watching plenty of Animaniacs, Freakazoid!, and even The Simpsons online, I’ve realized that our memories of greatness are far superior than the objects we remember. Perhaps it is the experience of ourselves coming into contact with an object that is what combines for such fond memories… Yes, the equation cannot just be The Simpsons = Amazing; rather, it must be Person x at Age y in circumstance z + The Simpsons = Amazing. If one factor is missing, the end result will be quite different. For Example, Myself at age 8 on weekday afternoons + Animaniacs = Magnificence. However, Myself at age 20 on Weekday Evenings + Animaniacs = Minor Enjoyment.

And so, we grow, leaving the material scraps of happiness in the past, back when we needed them, and when they were capable of bringing such bliss. If, in our new bodies, with our new minds, we return to these gaps in eternity where our memories replace time with gladness, it is much like a grown-up returning to his/her childhood room: toys only hold the attention for a short time; books that once challenged now make one laugh; books that once were funny now cough and wheeze with outdated humor; and the clothes and bed are much too small. All these changes transform the once-comfortable into a strange new shell that fits awkwardly and feels alien; this shell is called Nostalgia. It is not unlike the snake who sheds her skin: she does not attempt to re-fit into the old skin. That skin served its purpose, and now the snake requires new skin. Soon too, the snake will outgrow this skin; and so it goes. The old room helped to evolve the child; now, it is only nostalgia.

Maybe that is what separates humans from animals: animals instinctively evolve and move on, while we tend to return, whether to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors or just to recall a certain time, we humans are stubborn. We revert back to old patterns instead of greeting the new. Yet even when we revert, relapse, and repeat, it is always, in many ways, different and new. The only explanation for our race’s continued obliteration of all life is an unwillingess to evolve and accept the new and different; upon further examination, this unwillingness may very well stem from a fear of the different and the new.

In a world of continuous change, stagnation is death. The Past is dead. Now, as Jean Valjean, of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, says: “It is nothing to die; it is frightful not to live.”

Woe to the wakeful who choose to remain tucked tight in their bedsheets; Woe to the obedient who take value for granted; Woe to the individual member of the mob who never questions his or her self; Woe to those who choose fear over change.

so, godspeed, change pleasantly, and smile, because right now: we are evolving.

Here’s some mild entertainment (anything prepared can be mild, or at best, hot; but anything spontaneous, well, that is WILD [a word which originally comes from the word “Will”]). (this was the only video i found that i appreciated more now than i did when i was 8).

And before you allow youtube to consume you, this link may aid in evolution more than those videos, as reading allows silence and time for contemplation: these are 114 sayings of a teacher named Jesus as recorded by Thomas (not included in the bible). Open-minded-skeptic-awakening. Cheers.




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18 03 2009

Dear Mr. Daniel Aaron Halpern,
I regret to inform you that you are being convicted of robbery, false advertisement, slander, pirating, and economic terrorism. Us at ACME corps. got wind of this little blog when our super computer XXX recently left a facebook comment on our wall alerting us of your pirating use of our product. We then hired a private firm to search through your workings and your jerkings. They have compiled a list of all the self, family, town, state, nation, world, universe offenses and immoral acts you and your parents parents have committed, all of which is signed with the official seal of our long time client Mr Ben Franklin, who is still alive due to our innovated technology which scientifically and efficiently molds the human face into paper allowing the human to never die. We have done similar acts of scientific glory with moving the lies and beliefs of men into a machine that transforms them into readable text to keep in line the more brainy type. And as you must know our most famous invention yet, not only allows a said human to live forever but enables it to live forever as ruler of the earth. By projecting the viewer (you) with millions of tiny lasers making the illusion of an image, while actually piercing through the human eyes into the front of the human brain (cortex) leaving small marks which then enable the said customer to control! But if the likes of dissenting homosexuals like yourself are allowed to freely mock and criticizes our customers then our entire sales pitch will be lost. For there are still weaknesses in the success rate and until we figure out a more concrete solution for this type of product we can not afford the economic risk of people like you. Enjoy your last moment of what you suppose as free thought.

Sincerely yours
Ms. Mr.

18 03 2009

Dear Ms. Mr.,

To this conviction, I do not plead innocence, nor do I plead guilt; I plead the case be dismissed on account of Time Wasting: To argue about how well your sales may or may not do would be a vain Waste of Time. In fact, would the case itself not be a waste of time, I should convict ‘acME’ for innumerable transgressions of Time Wasting. Humans do not need your technology. Life-to-Life Relationships are what make this world worth living. Your so called “scientific glory” is merely putting make-up on the naturally beautiful face: it is lavishly excessive, unessential, and also expensive.

Perhaps you, Ms. Mr., would find much more enjoyment in a real Life-to-Life Relationship than in calculating economic risks and success rates and punishing others for your worries.

What’smore, your obsession with economic growth based on ‘more’ and ‘more’ will not continue to work on this planet, and if you do not stop pushing your products, Earth will evict us. eGO a more pleasant way, move on to simplicity, and stop complaining, for you’re making up unnecessary problems for us all.


19 03 2009
Nieva Soberieto

For Shame, ACME, For Shame.

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