27 03 2009

“Life is meaningful, and much human activity – art, music, dance, philosophy, religion, ritual and daily activity – is about celebrating and promoting life. Country is the key, the matrix, the essential heart of life” (Australian Aboriginal Views and Landscape and Wilderness, by Deborah Bird Rose, 1996).

On a hill-filled farm field, I saw sheep strolling among the rocks. Soon, we would be, too. Map and compass in hand, we made our way from knoll to knoll, up spurs and down gulleys, reading contours and legend symbols, sitting in the windy saddle between two peaks, we view the world afar; so breathtaking! And how accurately, yet unjustly, the two-dimensional picture portrays it.

Into the bush to find check marks: map and compass in hand… and then pocket. Running up hills, jumping over baby plants, ducking under high branch-bridges, what a thrill it is to run free through the wild. I found 4 of 6 markers I was looking for, and, feeling fine, I stopped in a clearing to play some Tai Chi. How powerful natural solitude is, surrounded by so much life! I continued searching for the next marker, but, after such refreshing energy-centering, I had forgotten how long and how far I had walked. All the contour lines and hills look the same… how big is the map? how small? how big am I? how small? O dear, i am lost.


From the point of lost, the only place anyone can go is to be found. Once lost, there are no more wrong turns: all is flow, in what direction? Forward.

I followed kangaroos, forgetting the check points I was once looking for, and walked a kilometer or two more than my map-planned route would have taken me. I found some friends who, earlier, I had redirected to their markers. Now, they returned the favor, and together, we walked back to camp.

Immersed in natural unimpeded growth, I understand why the word Wild originates in Will: Freedom.




One response

10 04 2009

“What’s lost never perishes.” – Haruki Murakami

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