pre-paddle poetry

2 04 2009

Happy April!

I’m going on a 2-night/3-day Paddle on the Goulburn River Thursday-Saturday. My personal objectives for this trip are:

  1. be Comfortable in water, which has had the tendency to impress the notion of cold upon my being (i.e. cold is a mental construct, ignore the suffering by believing in warmth, breathing slowly, Home Now).
  2. learn Tarpology (the construction of tarp tents / tarp shelters) with which I shall make my houses in the near-future.
  3. Enjoy.

I’ll tell ya’ll how it is/was/has always been when i return. Meanwhile, here’s some poetry written after reading Alice’s Adventures in


Wonderland is a House on a Hill;
I’ve seen it been climbed by Jack and by Jill.
They fornicate there; It sounds like Good Fun;
They roll down when their bucket is filled and they’re done.

The Noise from Inside confuses the ear:
Crashes and Slashes and Boom-Bangs and Tears.
No matter the time, the Sounds never cease;
Even the Silence is filled with Loud Peace.

Perplexed by the paint, oh-so aged, yet brand new,
I climbed to the House to see what it could do.
Peeking Inside, all I wished was a glimpse;
I fell in Love or Wet Cement: I’ve been there ever since.

This is just my opinion (what else can one speak from?): The best art/life/experience is that which does not take itself serious…ly

After reading Shadow, I wrote this little ditty called


Shadow: the Physical Constant.
the Summary Contour.
the Silent Silhouette.
Shadow: For: Ever.

Ash lands on the beach. A Kookaburra laughs.

the Disappearing Death.
For: nothing is left…
but Shadow.




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