4 04 2009

There’s a large bush of Rosemary growing right outside my front door! (this is no metaphor; it made tonight’s salad scrumptious!)

The Paddle was amazing! (exclamation points are just going to have to keep coming from here on out!) Closing my eyes, I feel as though I’m still on the river, rocking side to side, gravity floating on the surface, calm and serene blue skies and reflections! As to my first objective, ‘cold’ means nothing! Especially in Australia’s autumn! Even when we practiced capsizing and getting back in our canoes! (that was GREAT fun!) (all these exclamation points are tiring; they’ll end now.)

We laid tarps on the ground, tarps strung from trees, good camping.

This morning, I saw two of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen. The first was a pair of Crimson Rosellas:

The second was beyond words, but I’ll do my best. Our canoes were resting in the early morning river, sun gently placed over the tree tops. A flock of some 200 small, white birds gathered in some trees on the far end of a small marsh. Suddenly, all 200+ birds flew up from the trees; they flew in an indirect straight path, constantly spiraling in large circles in the sky. Their shape was morphing like a steady smoke, always whole, always different. At times, their whiteness spread out like close fireworks; at times, they became grey, like pictures turned sideways. They flew over us, in front of us, behind us, with no real purpose other than to fly. How they flew so synchronized, all of them together, does not need to be known–only marveled at. They would circle under clouds as more birds joined the group. Although it may have been rude, we could not help but stare as these birds performed motion-beauty for several minutes overhead.

‘Twas a great trip!




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