“Everybody’s talking ’bout This-ism, That-ism…”

7 04 2009

Let’s talk about Extremism. The “news” does it all the time: “extremists blew up a building”, “extremists protested”, “extremist violence” “extremist propaganda”. Here’s a google image search of extremist: 

Report Terrorist Activity
Report Signs Of Possible Terrorism.
Call The National Security Hotline
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410 x 319 – 28k – jpg
More from www.ypsddpakistan.itgo.com ]
The Extremist (1992)
328 x 333 – 21k – jpg
Democrat extremists.
462 x 350 – 40k – jpg
extremist Vishwa Hindu Parishad
400 x 250 – 14k – jpg
360 x 302 – 23k – jpg
Extremism in America: Introduction
282 x 263 – 10k – gif
indicate the extremist religious
312 x 236 – 19k – jpg
Face of a Serbian extremist,
399 x 254 – 16k – jpg
Countering extremist encroachments
500 x 676 – 30k – jpg
extremist Isalm, attribute it
1540 x 1800 – 348k – jpg
Geert Wilders, the rightwing Dutch
200 x 282 – 19k – gif
312 x 284 – 32k – jpg
Extremist will cause serious damage
399 x 323 – 35k – jpg
595 x 287 – 39k – jpg
Death to the Extremist
480 x 540 – 102k – gif
486 x 450 – 122k – jpg
British Extremist.
2050 x 2800 – 498k – png
charged with extremism once he
435 x 336 – 65k – jpeg

Beware! Extremism! AAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

We know what extremists are all about, don’t we? Killing, being RIGHT!, acting with only THEIR interests in mind…

Okay, take a breath, shut your eyes and count to two. Here’s whatsup:

Our culture’s “normal” and “accepted” mode of behavior, that of the “consumer”, is extremism.

Consumerism IS Extremism.

“I would like enough food to last me a year.”
“STOP! and shop.”

“I would like sound waves and sight waves to be given to me from a few boxes, all with art and inspiration and impeccable quality, fully equipped.”
“Here you are. Would you like some furniture made out of dead animals to go with that? It’s all the rage.”

“I would like something to put on my head with a little propeller on top so when the wind blows, it spins.”
“Aisle Six.”

What a world we live in. What a world we take for granted. To some one who was born in 1600, the only way one could describe our culture would be as: Extreme.

We can predict the weather to a degree seven days before that weather happens. Some would call this sorcery. Four hundred years ago, weathermen may have been burnt at the stake for witchcraft.

Wearing shoes gives some one the idea s/he can walk all over the planet. Walking barefoot makes one realize there are some places to walk, and other places one ought not to walk, and one walks with, not on the planet.

The point of all this is that Labels murder, and Prejudice kills. Extremism, something our culture is deathly frightened about, is not far from home. Our homes, in fact, are quite extreme. All our convenience is quite extreme. All our luxury is quite extreme.

Rather than writing off any action as extremist, or with any other label, it may be beneficial to ignore all labels and recognize the actual action; the assumptions that allow the action; and the implications of the action. Everything affects Everything.

Take memories, for instance. A memory is remembered as something definately distinct, and also entirely label-less; a memory evokes a sense of something definite, but cannot be named. Let’s say a memory is a feeling.

Now, let’s treat Now with the knowledge that it will soon be a memory. Now is not Extreme, nor is it Normal: Now, based on your actions and perceived by the effects your actions have on you, is as undefinable as an emotion. Perhaps Now is an emotion. What’smore, all people and actions who create Now are just as undefinable as Now.

Do not “Beware of Extremists”; Beware of Labels.




One response

7 04 2009
a lex

kudoextreeme ^^^

flowing on the ext streams

down the tide we feel the needs to practice silence of greeds

“ignore the others out of existince” – WB
for there are no others
its a game
a giant game of mouse trap
to hide whos it
and find the seekers

lets not get got in the net of definitions of others that are we

stick to our own web of dreams


next dream
to be extreme
always in some eyes

to be
always in some eyes

clever in Mandarin Chinese is said as 聪明 congming
it literarily means (cong-to hear clearly+ming-to see brightly=clever/bright/smart/intelligent) —- 🙂

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