so the mermaid says to the martian:

9 04 2009

Maybe, Mr. President, you should give the State of the Union Address while standing on your head?

Life is easy, and satisfying too;
My thoughts are dreamy, and my feelings love you.

Disheveled Man on City Street Corner: The world is going to end!
Young Child Leaving Movie Theater: I was just at the end. It was alright… pretty expected.

“Quick! Get a shovel! We need to hide all the evidence!”
“Hide it from who?”
“Not Who, you idiot- What!”
“What! What?”
“Silence! … the wind will hear us.”

Granted, I’m the only pterodactyl left alive, but I’d say my species is doing just fine… relatively speaking.

“I SEE to the other side of the window, but how will we ever BE on the other side?”
“More importantly, how will you ever BE on THIS side if you don’t stop staring out to THAT side?”

The Water was rising,
The Right was despising,
The Left was admiring,
The Middle wasn’t minding.

Search the sorcerers! Sweep away their secrets! Subliminally message the Salamanders: we’re ready to attack.

“How long have we been scrubbing this god-forsaken deck?”
“Come now, come now, it’s a short deck.”
“Damnit, man! I’m not talking about distance, I’m talking about time!”
“I’m not talking about difference, I’m talking about mind.”

NOTHING would go great right here!
Oh great, I just remembered how to spell-




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