what’s in a word?

13 04 2009

And what’s in language? Do we understand what we say? Let’s try some:


(what comes to mind? big or small? then or… then… or now, or forever?)


(the world before “Light”? the eleven-year-old’s messy room? a finely-furnished hall filled with old men yelling at each other about the definition of)


(the right to kill?)

words words words words words words words words words words words words


(school -> career-> retirement? drop-out -> drug dealing (career) -> prison? ascribing a name to every “thing”?)


(let it be? let “some one” take care of it?)




Words carry weight. Politicians know this; thus, they use big words that could mean one thing, but just as easily could mean another thing, and when some one can  recognize a word they know, they smile and trust the “elected official.”

Be careful in these times of blind pied-pipers leading the blind window-wipers.

I recommend reading the dictionary. It’s got all sorts of knowledge. For instance, did you know today’s word “Truth” originally comes from a word that meant “Faith”?




How are you?

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