a-man-see-patience Proclamation

28 04 2009

When I began this blog, I knew one day I would write this post. It has come sooner than expected, but this is the nature of the creative force of life: spontaneous unpredictability.

My awareness has illuminated several realizations that call for action. I’ll begin on the small scale and zoom out.

Outdoor Education

After 1 1/2 years of studying the mental extreme of Philosophy, I desired a change, and found it in the physical extreme of Outdoor Education. After an extremely cold bushwalk in an alpine mountain range, the professor told us we may one day be in a similar situation leading people on a bushwalk in poor weather conditions. I know that I do not want to lead others in nature where we have to remain in discomfort, and more importantly, I decided that in unfavorable conditions, I would search for more favorable conditions; so I did. I left the bushwalk early and found myself at a music festival at the foot of the mountain, was given a ride halfway back to campus, slept in a hotel, and hitchhiked the next day 180 kilometers back to my house. From those 2 days of freedom traveling, I was given a glimpse into a world of unknown potential, people, and possibility. I liked it.

The course I have been studying focuses on doing things in nature, such as going from point A to point B, eating, going from point B to point C, camping, and repeating. This is experience. Halfway through one semester, I have had this experience and have found I do not like it. “I want to be a Human Being, not a Human Doing” (The Scatman).

I am not an “outdoorsman”, I simply love the outdoors. I still appreciate the comforts of shelter, and I now know I do not want to live my life in the woods. I also do not want to live my life in the mind (the path of studying Philosophy). I want to find a middle ground.

I want to find a middle ground that allows me to leave when I desire change. This middle ground may be a constant change, waves of one way and then another, or perhaps a balance of something I have not yet experienced. At any rate, I know that, without having passion for studying Outdoor Education, this course I am enrolled in is no longer aiding my personal growth.


I do not like university. I think what bothers me the most about it is having my Will constantly directed by an outside force into asinine tasks for something I do not value: a certificate of completion. Until my life confronts me with a specific reason I should have a diploma, I cannot take this setting serious. Perhaps I will return to university when I have a reason to. As of now, I have none.

University is one path of infinite paths one may live by. As of now, my heart is not on this path. I intend to follow a path with heart.


While hitchhiking, a former backpacker, current railroad worker (making more money than most graduates, he informed me) told me about fruit picking, a method for backpackers to make money from temporary work, meet fellow travelers, and then continue traveling.  I have also heard high recommendations for wwoofing, Willing Workers on Organic Farms, another temporary work / skills experience. There is a religious commune that welcomes visitors to work and live in harmony in Sydney (they are also spread throughout the world; I first met them in Ithaca, New York, at the Mate Factory). I also have a brochure of Buddhist retreat centers throughout Australia.

Point being, the road is limitless; the road is free; the road is whatever one wants it to be.


Energy is a constant flow. At university, placing my energy in trivial assignments I do not care about, my energy is stagnating.

I will travel with a tent (it’s more reliable than a tarp), sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, guitar, books, and journal, working when necessary, learning all the time, and giving out love as if it were free. Life is a bottomless cup, always overflowing.

I’ll be in Orde House for another week or so, preparing a working visa and enjoying a last few books and movies from the library. Then, I will leave. I won’t be taking my laptop with me, but I will check my email and update this page when possible. I’ll still have my phone, 0406706563.

Making decisions builds moment-ohm. The consequent action is entirely present in the first thought. I’m thinking… freedom. Peace.




How are you?

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