Reality-As-Interpretation Inc. (kopyleft) presents:

3 05 2009

Daniel Aaron Halpern, in: The Search For Significance! (this life is not rated, graded, opinionated, or differentiated from the flow of forever.)

With that short spiel, I now leave my self-importance behind to experience the world.

The preparations have been prepared,
The movement of motion is in the air,
And it’s time to grow my definition of “here”.

A friend asked me if I was looking for love. My answer called on a philosophy imparted to me from a close friend and teacher; he says Earth is a classroom, one of many. In this classroom, we are all simultaneously students and teachers. When individuals’ paths meet, it is for a  lesson; there is something to be learned. I believe this is the most rewarding mode of life: to learn; to increase/expand/evolve one’s awareness until the perceiver melts into the perceived and awareness becomes the light by which infinite oneness is realized. This oneness, wherein the subject and the object are the same, this beautiful amalgamation into one is Love. Growing awareness allows one to make love with every moment, to become one with every moment. So, to answer my friend, I am not looking for love, but while I learn this life, I will learn in love (if I have enough energy, patience and serenity to do so).

I will be traveling with my laptop, updating this blog and checking email ( My student visa lasts in Australia until August 19; hopefully I can extend it for longer. For now, I go where Providence directs me, and where Visas let me.

Monday Morning, May someday, I go on a way.





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