“Wherever you go, there you are.”

22 05 2009

The more one searches for answers outside their self, the farther from Truth one will be.

I’ve realized that traveling, for me, has been an escape from commitment, mainly because I have not had a commitment I’ve cared about for some time. Well, traveling is no different. It has been floating on surface comforts, superficially experiencing places, but never actually serving any real purpose. I’ve had experiences and learned some things: I’ve learned I do not want to live the hobo lifestyle (while it is unnecessary); I’ve learned that in any path, trials and tribulations try the soul, and no path is better or worse than any other, ’tis only what we make it; I’ve learned that traveling, at this time of my life, despite going different places, is leading “I” nowhere.

So, I am hereby ending this short experience in the backpack lifestyle to pursue true interests from a stronger foundation: Sharon and Boston Massachusetts. Traveling, I’ve felt rootless, and a tree cannot grow without being rooted. While I am a Human, I have grown, and felt, and thought, and learned what I needed to: Take Nothing For Granted. I intend to put my time into learning, perhaps through a sort of University-type-a-thing, skills and things worth learning, while always creating, in the most comfortable manner I can.

In the end of the day, we must, first and foremost, viewing with a fair eye, trust the feelings we have (“emotions are the doorway to the soul”). By balancing feelings and thoughts, we can act-in-balance, and we can balance-in-act. I do not feel sound traveling; The thought going home does feel sound. Thus, as Ozzy said, “Mama, Mama I’m coming home!”

and we sing, back to boston.




How are you?

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