hacky-sack the bucket

4 06 2009

the bucket is a battle and the battle can’t be won
because the day don’t fight the night and the moon don’t fight the sun.
the Beatles best the better-thans and before beauty breathes,
the barometer begets the tests but breaks in gentle breeze.

besides the boob-toob, turned off cause it’s rude, jude, a beach moves delicate, naturally… or is it the waves that move?

time shifts, mind splits, duality becomes triangularity, quadruple pentagrouple hexa hepta octa MON,
the singularity, spoken of as plurality, discuss the multiplicity of dust, the words mess to mush,
the pull makes a push, vis versa of course a difference is no different,

check the latest shipment of imaginarey figments,
the kaleidoscope made one moment





One response

5 06 2009

as if! …

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