Unify. The. Forces.

6 06 2009

We go
waaaaaaaaaaay back.

But God,
Shit, we be like, we be like twins or some shit.

These are some thoughts inspired by the Sophist-Philosophic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (which is more like Tao and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but Zen seems to be the mood most capable of aligning with the Tao). Education ought not to be a reiteration, but a continuation. From this book, here’s some flowing learning I am learning, learned and still flowing…


(From here on out, I will refer to that FORCE or BEING named God / Jah / Allah / Chi / Buddha / Nirvana / Sri Krishna / The Great Mystery, ETC. as the Infinite Oneness) (interesting note: FORCE implies action, while BEING implies non-action, and both refer to the same Infinite Oneness. Infinite Oneness, however, is beyond action and non-action and verbs or nouns… it is INFINITE ONENESS, and cannot be understood or explained) (I’d be interested if this post aligns with polytheistic thought, of which I know very little).

Now, we must understand: 1. Thoughts are a division in Infinite Oneness. 2. Language is an expression of thought.

What I want to stress is that language enables us to discuss divisions of Infinite Oneness. Let’s examine some such divisions:

The PAST is its own entity.
The FUTURE is its own entity.
CHAIR is its own entity.
MOUNTAIN is its own entity.
CANADA is its own entity.
ME is its own entity.
YOU is its own entity.
(insert noun, Proper or common) is its own entity.
INFINITE ONENESS is its own entity.
And because Infinite Oneness is too wordy, some just call it God, and thus, God is its own entity, seperate from all other entities.

This is all interesting, but the most important distinction to this exposition is the following:
a SUBJECTIVE SELF is its own entity, and an OBJEECTIVE REALITY is its own entity.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Language and Thought Inc., a division of The Infinite Oneness Corporation, proudly presents: EGO! The latest in seperation technology. Now you, YES YOU are hereby seperate from EVERYTHING ELSE! Congratulations! How does that make you feel?

Let’s try an experiment: Imagine you are in a very old tribe. There are many people in the tribe, and everyone communicates, but the language has no words describing a “subjective self” or an “objective reality”. There is no term for “mind” and no term for “truth” (and therefor no term for “false”). There is no words for, and thus no concept of, Ego. EVERY THING is understood as part of the Infinite Oneness. It doesn’t need to be explained, it just is. ALL of it is.

Because “our minds” have been so well trained to think subjectively, we can just as easily say, rather than Infinite Oness, EVERY THING is part of the Infinite Self. ya dig? Because the “self” is part of the Infinte Oneness. In your old tribe where you spoke a language different than English, there was no division between self and anything else.

Oneness, with all, is the absence of the Ego; the essence of BEING; FORCE. Stop the internal dialogue (as Yaqui shaman Don Juan says) and experience Infinite Oneness.

No thing is separate. All are Infinite Oneness.




How are you?

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