Why Unify?

9 06 2009

(continuation of the last post)

A subjective self and an objective reality necessitates the subjective self to perceive the objective reality. Thus, the self is an observer, or at best, a passive participant.

Once the self is realized as part of Infinite Oneness, there is no objective reality, or a subjective self; there is only reality, which is Infinite Oneness. This necessitates the so-called “self” (which is now understood as inseparable from reality) to create reality. (Of course, the self did not create itself. Infinite Oneness created the self. Why? Infinite Oneness knows, the writer of this blog does not.) The self is no longer slave to an external entity, that of an “objective reality”; rather, the self, being created by Infinite Oneness, can align itself with Infinite Oneness and create the Will of Infinite Oneness. But the question remains: Why would any one want to DO that?!

Let’s use the measurement of a trees’ fruit to judge the tree.

Infinite Oneness’ domain is the Here and Now. The Present. This domain, like Infinite Oneness, is pure love, light and peace. Take a moment of silence, a break from the blog, and realize yourself as equal to reality. You are, in fact, reality.

How did that fruit feel?

On the other hand, the Ego’s domain is fantasy. Mental Masturbation. Next time you do something bad to yourself (i.e. trip while walking, cut finger while chopping vegetables, &c.), immediately recall what you were thinking about when the “bad” thing happened. I’ll wager your mind was NOT on the Here and Now, and whatever the task at hand was, but in a fantasy. Maybe memory, maybe dream, but something made up by the Ego, NOT by Infinite Oneness. (The Ego, a concept based on the belief of separation, is inherently oposed to Infinite Oneness.)

Thinking outside of the Here and Now, the fruit is separate from the Here and Now, separate from Infinite Oneness. The source of separation is fear, the opposite of love, and the cause of all negative emotions, pain and dis-ease.

Unity is love. pure and simple. It has nothing to do with wall street, washington, darfur, your neighbors, the arcade in the mall, or palestine. It has everything to do with YOU, because you are Infinite Oneness. Realize this, and the rest will gently glide into comfort.




How are you?

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