The Choice

11 06 2009

(continuation of last 2 posts) (this and the last post, Why Unify?, have been greatly inspired by A Course in Miracles, from the Foundation of Inner Peace)


The Spirit (Infinite Oneness), which is infinitely perfect, manifests in the mind, which manifests in the body. The mind can believe it and the body are in direct line with Infinite Oneness, or are separated through the path of the Ego.

The choice is a choice the mind must make: either accept the harmless love that is Infinite Oneness, or accept the fear and pain and guilt of an incomplete mental creation, the Ego. Why is the Ego incomplete? Because it is only itself. Infinite Oneness, however, is everything and everything else. Infinite Oneness cannot be harmed. It is infinitely perfect and infinitely complete.

The mind can make mental projections based on exclusion, or oneness expansions based on inclusion. Infinite Oneness, or self isolation.

I urge you not to make a deal, not to make fantasy, not to make anyone lose so another can gain;
not to fight or compete, make guilt or shame,
not to profit or to lose, make jealousy or blame.

Just make love. (which means Just realize love, which directly implies Just share love).

Bobby Dylan sang, “When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.” When you remember you are Infinite Oneness, you also have nothing to lose. Infinite Oneness is inexhaustible. And the more you share it, the more it increases.

Increase the peace, one.




One response

14 06 2009
just one

“emotion is a strobe light; directed energy is a laser beam”

dancing with the flow of energy {living} is “like sailing a boat. We must take into account the currents–which are our own unconscious motivations, our desires and emotions, our patterns of actions, and the cumulative results of all our past actions. The currents are also the broader social, economic, and political forces that surround us. The wind that fills our sails are the forces of time and climate and season; the ties of the planets, the moon, and the sun. Sometimes all of the forces are with us; we simply open our sail and run before the wind. At other times, the wind may run against the current, or both run counter to our direction, and we may be forced to tack back and forth, or furl the sail and wait.”

“sensing the energy climate is a matter of intuition and experience”

“energy pursues the path of least resistance”


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