a prayer for the path

26 06 2009

(I’m no longer afraid of the word “God”, so I will use that from now on, instead of “Infinite Oneness”, although they are the same. “Energy” is another word that means the same).

Why am I writing so much about this Ego / God thing? Because the belief in the Ego is the source of all frustration. And the truth about it is that it doesn’t even exist! The Ego’s central belief is that the Ego made you. Think about this for a minute: Did you create yourself? How were you created? You may trace yourself back to your parents, to their parents, to the big bang, but then you gotta ask, how was the big bang created? There IS a force beyond this world that created this world, and is forever doing so. Believing this, one cannot believe in the Ego, for the Ego is the assertion that IT is the creator, not God. The Ego can make temporary, capricious beliefs we can be confused by, but God creates endless, changeless love.

The Ego is not God, for all aspects of the Ego are directly opposed to God. The Ego would have you believe conflict, fear, guilt and suffering are all possible, and sometimes even needed. The Ego is the rejection of the love that is God; rejecting God’s love, it can only make fear. God’s creation was a voluntary act of goodwill (god’swill); thus, everything resulting from God’s creation is necessarily good. So why all the stress? Because we believe in something unreal: the Ego.

God has 2 wills, an Active Will (i.e. let there be light) and a Permissive Will (i.e. let those huwans believe in false gods). The Ego, rejecting God, is a false God, an idol. God is eternal Love and Joy. The Ego is the opposite: ephemeral fear. But God did not make the Ego, huwans did. The Ego is merely a belief of our mind. God, on the other hand, is reality. Once we decide which we believe in, our life follows according to the principles of the entity we choose.

I am writing so much on this topic because this is the only distinction one must make: When am I following the Ego’s thought system, and when am I following God’s? Following the Ego means rejection and competition. Following God means sharing unlimited love/possibilities/everything.

We’ve been trained very well to follow the Ego. Turning to God requires vigilance. Here is a prayer/poem/mantra/aid to exercise mental vigilance in following God:

God flows through me.
I love impeccably.
I create healing with mutual respect.
I appreciate all that is God.
I accept the light: Awake.
I accept harmony: Awake.
I only accept God.
God is my motivation.
God is my inspiration.
God sustains me.
God is my goal.
In God,
I trust.
And so,
We be.




3 responses

26 06 2009
a lex

(not on a mac, no spell check… heheh have fun πŸ™‚

bro man dude guy fellar, we aint sexist any more, women are on tv… (still waiting…)

all the power to any reclaiming of words! Though do never forget the pervasiveness and the longevitiy the patriarcle form of thought has had on our minds (your whole life time to be percise, and if you want you can include your parents and so on…). Even most neutrual or dual or all-sex, mental figures tend to end up as male represenation in these imperialist minds. If it is simply a word why not make a new one, to stop all the old psycho-spirito trip-ups of our colonized minds. Some choose to stick to just feminizing the word, and there is lots to be gained in this vaintage point as well, but we all still end up realizing that this ALLness, this goddess, this god, is neither male nor female. The varieties truly begin to blend. No such thing as MALEness or FEMALEness, its all a hox. But i do maybe think its a valuable step before one can visualize whole-ness through a word they need a true understanding of what it feels like and lives like to vizualize a female Holy spirit. Since the “female” goddess* has been with us our whole lives (be us cunts or cocks) but never tapped into (at least not by comodified culture), it is an easy storared up energy of spritual joy in waiting…
*by female goddess i mean the mental attributes colonized culture gives for females vs males (the first truth that god confused by creating himself…(o but theres a god, and then theres me being evil.. and we are different and i need to be more like god…,)

“what can i do to be more like god?”
“… hahahahahhahahahhahaha!!!!!”

as well. “ONLY THE SITH deal in absolutes”… think about this…
it sounds jolly and well, but for all of our sakes realize OBI ONE by saying this your are speakin in absolutes!!!!!..
there is no good side or dark side—> is all
(or perhaps what it realy is saying is that we are all the dark side… which is the smartest thought iv herd in a while. Why of course we are! what joy πŸ™‚

we be raw
we be beatiful
we be humble
we be confident
we be we
(o cats are smart, ME NOW)

muAh lex

26 06 2009
a lex

this was some where in the middle of that.. some how got left out?

when we talk about this life in a text book or in those philosophy classes we can call it what ever we want, but life is not just a written study of itself, it is ment to be lived, and we live with symbols and mental representations guiding us and joying us through it all. And even if in the classroom god or holy spirit, or super energy work for words, unless our bodies and our whole self can actualy internalize and in0joy these thoughts as realities there is no value.

god is a-life but God is dead.

so choose the words at your own, but ill let God sit on the way side.
beaten and broken, the word needs a rest. CREATation is what?

27 06 2009

and when you’re dark, be dark with love;
and when you’re light, be light with love;
and when you absolute, be absolute with love;
and when you’re unsure, be unsure with love;
and when you’re aware, be aware with love;
and when you forget, forget with love;
breathing; keep breathing keep; breathing keep breathing

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