the world to a child

8 07 2009

I’ve just read The Singing Creek Where the Willow Grows, the Rediscovered Diary of Opal Whitely, presented by Benjamin Hoff (author of the Tao Te Pooh, a very worthy read). The book is the journal of a 6-7 year old girl named Opal Whitely. She presents a magnificent way to experience the world: with wonder, complete appreciation, and unquestioned acceptance. She plays with the wind, tends to the desires of plants, speaks with the flowers and trees and her animal friends, whom she has named after Ancient Greek writings, such as Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil, a toad, Brave Horatius, the shephard dog, Good King Louis VI, a grand fir tree in the woods, and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus, a most dear velvety wood-rat.

One thing Opal is in tune with, that the majority of our race is not, is that Heaven, or that place where there is only the perfect ideal and peace and love, that place, that place thinks thoughts and expresses them through nature. Sometimes the thoughts resemble sentences, sometimes stories, sometimes dances, sometimes songs. But what Opal knew intuitively was that all those thoughts are meaningful. Like a spider that knows how to make its web, Opal listened to the world, and learned.

I lay my ear close to the earth, where the grasses grow close together. I did listen. The wind made ripples on the grass as it went over. There were voices from out the earth. And the things of their saying were the things of gladness and growing. And there was music. And in the music, there was sky-twinkles and earth-tinkles that was come of the joy of living…

Opal would also conduct services in the woods to a stone alter she made by a friendly tree. Her animal friends would come along, She would give them robes for their christenings. While praying prayers, Peter Paul Rubens, a pet pig, would grunt grunts of “amen” at in-between times. This made me wonder: why pray? A 6 year old praying… what a notion. As if it were ingrained in her essence to give thanks to and make requests from the unknown; after all, it must be where we all come from. So why pray? Well, why anything? If praying is one of the best activities a 6 year old nature-lover can do (after her chores were done, of course), well maybe it’s time our culture embraces prayer, not as a phony religious idea, but as a natural part of our world. I mean damn, thank god we’re all here and able to express and listen and grow and learn. Our existence is overflowing with beauty and joy! Seriously! THANK GOD!

Overall, the moral I found from Opal Whitely is if we accept earth, energy, nature and god, as willingly as a child, it becomes part of our life. We can’t forget, we too were once children. Deep inside the past that has formed our selves of today, we still are children.


I have thinks this is a very interest world to live in. There is so much to see out the window when the teacher does have one to stand in the corner to study one’s lessons.




How are you?

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