what’s with the world?

13 07 2009

The world is a word. When discussing any word, one does not examine the shape of the letters, the height and the pattern of the formation of letters that creates the word; one examines the MEANING. What is a “meaning”? Basically, the essence of a word, what gives a word its purpose and makes sense of its use.

The world is a means. Good, bad, right, wrong, television, reading, movies, tai chi, eating, yoga, sleeping, fist-fighting, farting, school-work, thinking, the color of the sky, exercise, blinking, mosquito bights, grass, glass, fucking, hugging, music, republicans, birth-control, ak-47s, medication, meditation, terrorism, picket-signs, picket-fences, dna, measuring tape, pavement, atm machines… these are means to achieve certain ends. But the ESSENCE, the “why is it here and where did it come from?’ is beyond our fathoming. It’s the “I Don’t Know”, the Infinite Oneness, that source that gave birth to the universe.

I’ve been learning Reiki and other forms of energy healing. I describe this mode of healing as “trusting and allowing the ‘I Don’t Know’ to be complete, including yourself in the ‘I Dont’ Know’.” Completion is harmony, wholeness, and health.

There is no good or bad or right or wrong.
There is only Truth or delusion.




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