why be positive?

23 07 2009

as change is synonymous with difference,

the changeless, the eternal, the tao, the soul, the ain sof (ageless without end), is indifferent;
it picks no side, no right or wrong, no good or bad, it is the calm center of no separation.

so what’s so “good” about being “positive”?

negativity is cloudy; it closes us. it places an idol of distress between us and god/oneness.

positivity is clear; it opens us. opened, we can accept oneness/jah!

while negativity cultivates confusion, upset feels, worries, and the (dis)like we become stuck with, these things are all in our mind.
so too is the positive, only in our mind, but the positive allows us to see what else there is, and what else there is a whole holy WHOLE.

positivity opens us up. now, content, we’re ready for the world.




2 responses

23 07 2009

aint it the truth!!

for a long time i thought id never die, being a budda and all. But last shabbot after returning from the doctor, who told me i had two weeks to live i realized something i never quite got before-
Calling myself a budda and understanding that everything was nothing, and that maya is in my eyes, and that we are all one, and love is a vibration and attachment is suffering, there was still something missing. For so long i sat under trees, i wondered through parks, and i was quiet and i was disciplined. I cared for the birds and the bees, and i worried about the evils in the world, but i always remember it was just an illusion and all will be fine. But with my death being announced in a most un-expected fashion i came to realize what i was missing. For so long i was indifferent, i chose not negative nor positive action. I chose sitting middle ground instead, i thought i was the true follower of the middle path. But today i realize you are right dear sir, for sitting in this middle ground not allowing positivity or negativity or both to flow through my veins has left me cold in my dieing days. All the glorious sights i saw in my mind while i waited in the middle, waiting for something which truly was nothing, since all was nothing. But with death coming, i realize there is something going on right now, i am alive, and soon i will not be, and it is now i wish i did something, i wish i moved and used the positive energy i know i could have cultivated in my overly evolved heart. I could have moved mountains with my love i could have connected my joys with the trillions of other living beings on this piece of pie.
O well i guess ill die.

23 07 2009

Kind greetings, Buddha. I wish you well in your eternal path, through life and/or death. But fret not about the past, for although you may not have realized it, residing in the middle is quite like residing in the positive. The positive resembles the middle, the center, as if positivity were a painting of a real thing, and the center were the real thing. Buddha, you never needed the painting; you were always spreading the real colors. The middle may seem cold and even lonely at times, but these are merely illusions, mental constructs that do not ac-i-tually exist. The secret, dear Buddha, is that the calm center is both neutral and positive!

the smallest known particles that create this physical universe, the atom, consists of a center, the nucleus, which is made of positive protons and neutral neutrons. the negative electrons (i.e. mental constructs about good or bad or fear or cold or what’snot) float around outside the center.

We are all large atoms. Our center is neutral and positive. Outside our peace is distraction and worry. But if we don’t let those negative electrons into our nucleus (which they can’t ever be), and we choose to remain in the center, well, Buddha, you know– we can move mountains.

and believe me, you have always and will always be and are connected with the trillions of other living beings on this piece of cake.

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