hues of life

24 08 2009

The word human is subtly sexist. Our entire culture is sexist, but here’s a nice change: replace the word human with hue. For we are all unique, brilliant hues of a beautiful master-peace.

Our culture is also speciesist, a dis-ease as limiting to our collective experience of life, if not moreso, than racism. We are ALL hues: the trees and plants and rocks and stars and birds and bugs and tablecloths and remote controls and fingernails and clocks and lamps and puddles and sidewalks and police officers and chairs and kites; we’re all hues.


Life, the IS, existence, has no opposite. If it did, it would be nothing, which doesn’t exist by definition; nothing is a non-word. The opposite of death is birth. Life, the IS, existence, is a constant harmony between births and deaths of moments, objects, ideas, experiences, forms and content. It’s the only way it can be, if it is to be at all. And it IS.

Birth and Death are the master hues that make this picture of many hues come alive.




How are you?

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