on language

6 10 2009

sticks and stones can break bones,
words create our thrones…
words separate ideas alone…
words lift up and throw down our own…

“hey“guys“… our waking world and our thoughts, determined by our words.

every word has a file with learned associations and connotations. what’s in the file for “boy”? what’s in the file for “girl”? how about “guy”? how about… “gal”? …and what if the files mix together? what if a “girl” likes “boy” things? eegad!

i would make this post “short and sweet”, but if some thing is truly wonderful, wouldn’t it be better if it lasts forever? …or, is there “not enough time” for that?

“show & tell”: we’ve separated show and tell, forgetting pictures speak ten thousand words. BEING is naturally expressive, yet we desire words and logic to file it all away… away… a way…

“fuck”: we’ve turned a word that means “make love”, the most precious, beautiful, honest act of life, into the worst curse word.

“penis/cock/dick”… “vagina/pussy/cunt/twat”: we’ve turned the means of our physical creation into insults. we shy away from speaking these words, just as we hide the real things  under several layers of clothes. consequentially, we become afraid and disapproving  of those “dirty things”; meanwhile, our culture has us lusting over what they do.

(side note: if our life is really a Truman Show reality tv shtick, and there’s cameras all around, if we take our clothes off, we’d be rated R, and little kids couldn’t watch. but those little kids, if their life is also being filmed, could make their show rated R too, and they wouldn’t be able to watch their own life! what’s up with that!?)

how about “civil” vs. “civilization” …?

and are “strangers” necessarily “strange”… and is there really a definition for “normal”?

we lust over money, but when some one has it, they are “filthy” rich. we’re confused and dishonest, so we place hate and blame on what’s different.

:sigh:… is being “cultured” “really” a “good” “thing”?

Let’s slow our conversations down. We could all be more Care-Full with what we say, for words are Meaning-Full.




One response

6 10 2009
whats in a cup of tea

mm what is the english language designed to communicate?

the language that has and is colonizing the world, what does it communicate?

what does it take to express your self and truly feel like the other understands you, if you only use english?

do we ever forget that there are more then 4 times the number of chinese speakers in the world than english, and that there are another 19 languages around the world that each have more than 60 million speakers?

it seems as though only poets in english can be the ones to show emotion… common folk are only given the english that allows them to consume. be given commands, and give commands.

It seems as though only scientists in english can be the ones to understand the world… common folks are only given the english that allows them to consume, be given commands, and give commands.

it seems as though only business men can be the ones to give orders for what our world needs to do to find peace… common folks are only given the english that allows them to consume, be given commands and give commands.

yet these places of the brain are not absent in people, they are simply not able to be stimulated by speech, nor are they accepted as valid since the coding that is used by intellectuals is only acquired through years of conforming to the colonizer of EGOnomics. So the majority of people in the world are left without tools to synthesis and resist the changing world. Because these EGOnomic folk continue to use scientific intellectual language to pollute the rivers with chemical waste, to put chemicals into all of our foods, to enslave us with contracts and insurance polices, as well as use our money to destroy our sense of control in our lives. This is being done in all languages of the world, but the language of trade and egonomics continues to have large influences from the language of english.

Some languages have more than 10 words for the different forms of Love
english has one…

some languages have more than 5 words for different genders
english has 2 (though in the past they and them used to be used for neutral and is once again coming back)

some languages have NO words for trash/garbage/rubbish/waste ect.

watch our words, every self aware being that has been glorified in our history has explained the value of knowing what you speak and speaking what you truly mean, so when the english words dont seem to express what we want, than its time we make new, reexplore old, and learn more physical ways of communicating.

nationalizing has industrialized our spoken language, globalization has media-ized our spoken language, and our spoken language is our a main vent for our psychology to express itself. We need to re-arrange our psychology back to a self aware, a community realized and a universal loved perspective, this means breaking the confines that any nationalized controlled language with a dictionary has. This happens naturally everywhere we put folks together, so lets just make space for whats joy-us to take place. Just be honest as often as your feels come up and see what begins to happen and see what conflicts you have in trying to express how you are actually feeling. Lets just keep trying to go through awkward exchanges of words and gestures in attempt to be realler and more present than we were ever taught we could be.


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