News Bulletin

26 10 2009

This is a News Update.

We are still searching for the theif that stole the cookies from the cookie jar. You, the only suspect, has been questioned by authorities; You responded, “Who me?” Couldn’t Be”.

We remain suspicious of You, using word games to confuse us: “Who me?” Trying to mix up identities. You is not to be trusted.

To help the search, please call 1-800-NEVER-ENDING-FEAR-AND-PARANOIA or send emails to TrustNoOne@ACultureBasedOnTheBeliefThatEveryPersonWantsToHarmOtherPeople

This has been your lurking, err, local news. Have a great day. And don’t forget to watch the news 10 times today.




One response

15 11 2009

A Course in Miracles gives this advice:

Whenever we are tempted by narrow vision to only see the faults, mistakes, and ‘sins’ in our fellow Huwans, or to expect as little, we can broaden our sight, deepen our awareness, and expand our experience by saying: “It is not this that I would look upon. I trust my brothers and my sisters, who are one with me.”

How are you?

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