the definition of “dope”

28 01 2010

Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits and
Are melted into air, into thin air:
And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,
The cloud-capp’d towers, the gorgeous palaces,
The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
Ye all which it inherit, shall dissolve
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.

-Shakespeare’s The Tempest

sooooooo… let the temporary be the temporary and dig it while we dig, dig it?


they’re called masters of war

25 01 2010

…”this is your captain speaking”…

but… but… but if we don’t follow orders, it’ll be… “kaaaaaaaaaaay-aaaaaaaaaaws!”

okay(aws), okay(aws), then the boss, the head honcho, that person everyone turns to to get the “okay”(aws)…
what orders does that person follow?

okay(aws), okay(aws), well just, just, just wait a minute… just watch a minute-hand tick tock tock…

maybe the “head honcho” isn’t the “head honcho”. maybe we can’t ever escape the routine of
“i was just following orders”
as long as we’re playing by the rules of the Culture Game, checking the scoreboard to measure each other by…

…maybe the orders we follow are “just following orders” in an infinite regression of the orders following the orders making the orders to follow the orders to make orders that follow orders and


we can turn baseball into golf. sure, it might not catch on with everyone at first, but when they see you’re happy that your score just went down, that you’re broke and hungry and need to deal with more important things that what to wear to the party… well golly jee, maybe happy losers can break the orders.

this isn’t just going on high-up office-buildings.

what’d you say? what’d you think? what’d you feel about that? what’d you do? did you see anybody else doin that?

WHAT ENTITY, WHAT CONCEPT, WHAT BELIEF do we turn to to get the okay(aws)?

Important Message for Individual and World Peace

19 01 2010

here’s some more lessons i’ve learned that, if adopted,¬† could cause world peace.
for world peace, i also reckon focus needs to shift (individually and socially) from
material, physical matters
spiritual, emotional issues.
if our culture’s definition of “success” depended on happiness rather than security and possessions…
well… grok these ideas:

  • We may not have specific objects, but what the objects represent, Life gives us an infinite supply of.
  • What is temporary can never fully satisfy us.
    But we can always and all-ways be fully satisfied
    if we want.
  • It may seem more appealing to play “the victim“, but it is much more enjoyable and all-around-wonderful (and really not very difficult) to play “the person responsible for their own life-experience.”
  • Nothing positive comes from fear. Awareness and caution can be healthy. Fear can’t.
  • When one person gives, everyone receives, including the giver.
    When one person receives, everyone receives, including the giver.
    While there is such thing as “temporarily borrowing temporary physical objects”, there is no such thing as loss.

Important Message for Health

11 01 2010

learning never ends unless we say it does. for my subjective life-experience (as of now), i say it doesn’t. i’ve been learning a heaven-of-a-lot in the past several months. i’m going to summarize what i find to be the most important parts for my education:

  • we are all one. grok it: before einstein, space was considered separate from time, and scientists were confused about problems (this isn’t an academic blog post, there was just confusion among scientists about sciencey stuff). but then, einstein wrote the phrase “space-time” and the world made sense again. welp, we can do the same with a unified mind-body organism (instead of thinking the mind is isolated from the body), with a bunch of separate states making up the “united states of america”, and with you and me being, not isolated and separate, but “one grand experience”, experienced from various vantage points. the droplets of water are both individual droplets and the ocean. when the droplet realizes it is part of the ocean, both the droplet and the ocean gain! the droplet has a family, and the ocean becomes one drop happier. interacting in a world where we believe we are ONE rather than separate could alleviate most, if not all, of the prejudices, injustices and perpetuated inequalities our culture has us playing with.

As for our exciting, subjective sojourn as one drop amid the infinite ocean, i find these points to be healthy, happy re-minders.

  • That which we do not forgive, that which we hold a grievance against, will cause us to suffer. eleanor roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” that’s true about anything we feel: we choose it (or at least consent to it). we cannot be victimized without choosing to be a victim. no thing can harm us unless we consent to be harmed. no thing can bother us unless we choose to let it bother us. so, even if we do not agree with or like person¬† x or situation y or (insert noun / adjective / verb) z, if we choose to hold a grudge against it, we will suffer, and xyz will continue to be xyz, and we’ll be miserable. however, if we forgive (i.e. tolerate; overlook; let it be), then xyz will continue to be xyz, but instead of our choosing to suffer because of it, we can be happy. period.
    (this is explained greatly in a pixar short flick called “Boundin'”, where a sheep gets sheered, and it’s sad that it’s pink, but a jumping jackelope says to the sheep: “What’s wrong with pink? It sounds like you’ve got a pink kink in your think.”)
    If we choose to suffer because of something, it’s OURSELF we must turn to to find peace… if we want peace.
  • Our ego is an accumulation of “habit-patterns”. it’s generally an unyielding, defensive, and paranoid thing, the ego is. a great way to step out of our ego, to gain a new perspective, to grow, to change willingly (the other option is to change unwillingly, because like it or not, change is life), and to encourage healthy relationships, is to adopt the role of The Observer. this means, whenever we notice a reaction we have (i.e. anger, joy, lust, jealousy, fear, pain), we take a conscious step away from our “emotional self” to become an “observational self observing our emotional self”. for instance, when i notice i feel angry while performing a task i do not want to perform, i will notice “this is anger happening now”. then, I am no longer angry, I am just observing a task being performed angrily (and, because of the anger, probably poorly). this gives me the opportunity to decide if i want to continue angrily, change my mood, or change my task.
    (remembering to play The Observer is difficult at first because our habit-patterns are so deeply-rooted we tend to feel comfortable with them, even if they’re unhealthy and unpleasant, such as feeling strees. But, if we can notice our compulsive reactions after 5 hours today, maybe tomorrow we can catch ourself being angry/stressed/etc. after only 4 hours. with practice, we can become so skilled as observers that when the boss gives us 10 more hours of work, we can immediately decide how we want to do it, i.e. with stress or with ease. we can become so skilled as observers that when we start to argue and build up hate towards another person because they have a different opinion than us, we can, during the encounter, change our attitude and transform the argument into a discussion, a simple sharing of ideas, where we can acknowledge that no 2 individuals think exactly alike, but we can all always develop our thoughts to find the newest, most beneficial way to think, or whatever we want.)
  • It always, all ways comes back to HERE and NOW. HERE/NOW is where/when all truth, peace, wisdom, happiness and love is. it cannot be lost, but it can be found.

it’s been said “you teach best what you most need to learn.” so i’m gonna be teaching a lot, cause there’s a lot i want to learn. maybe next blog post i’ll examine our culture. for now, think about this (if you want something else to think about): we can send people into outer space… but we don’t know how to share (folks are starving all around the globe). i’d say we’re primitive. but hey, the infant is no less perfect for not knowing how to walk. thus: continous learning. oh! this reminds me of another important point:

  • innocence is strength. the open, “beginner’s mind” is the mind that can experience any thing. if we’re filled with certain truths (which may be beneficial or hazardous), we cannot learn anything new (which may be more or less beneficial or hazardous). indeed, being wrong is a great opportunity, and being uncertain is the beginning of a long, long, never-ending story…. never-ending glory.



6 01 2010

did i dream i was a dream…

or was that just my dream dreaming?