Important Message for Individual and World Peace

19 01 2010

here’s some more lessons i’ve learned that, if adopted,  could cause world peace.
for world peace, i also reckon focus needs to shift (individually and socially) from
material, physical matters
spiritual, emotional issues.
if our culture’s definition of “success” depended on happiness rather than security and possessions…
well… grok these ideas:

  • We may not have specific objects, but what the objects represent, Life gives us an infinite supply of.
  • What is temporary can never fully satisfy us.
    But we can always and all-ways be fully satisfied
    if we want.
  • It may seem more appealing to play “the victim“, but it is much more enjoyable and all-around-wonderful (and really not very difficult) to play “the person responsible for their own life-experience.”
  • Nothing positive comes from fear. Awareness and caution can be healthy. Fear can’t.
  • When one person gives, everyone receives, including the giver.
    When one person receives, everyone receives, including the giver.
    While there is such thing as “temporarily borrowing temporary physical objects”, there is no such thing as loss.



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