they’re called masters of war

25 01 2010

…”this is your captain speaking”…

but… but… but if we don’t follow orders, it’ll be… “kaaaaaaaaaaay-aaaaaaaaaaws!”

okay(aws), okay(aws), then the boss, the head honcho, that person everyone turns to to get the “okay”(aws)…
what orders does that person follow?

okay(aws), okay(aws), well just, just, just wait a minute… just watch a minute-hand tick tock tock…

maybe the “head honcho” isn’t the “head honcho”. maybe we can’t ever escape the routine of
“i was just following orders”
as long as we’re playing by the rules of the Culture Game, checking the scoreboard to measure each other by…

…maybe the orders we follow are “just following orders” in an infinite regression of the orders following the orders making the orders to follow the orders to make orders that follow orders and


we can turn baseball into golf. sure, it might not catch on with everyone at first, but when they see you’re happy that your score just went down, that you’re broke and hungry and need to deal with more important things that what to wear to the party… well golly jee, maybe happy losers can break the orders.

this isn’t just going on high-up office-buildings.

what’d you say? what’d you think? what’d you feel about that? what’d you do? did you see anybody else doin that?

WHAT ENTITY, WHAT CONCEPT, WHAT BELIEF do we turn to to get the okay(aws)?




How are you?

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