Scientific Inward Exploration

27 02 2010

I’ve been reading about and practicing Scientific Inward Exploration (SIE) (also known as meditation) recently. Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi greatly inspired me, and then Patanjali’s 300 B.C. Yoga Sutras helped me understand what’s going on while meditating on the subtler, subtler realities. Here’s a website that has amazing explanations of Life, the Universe and Everything, and elucidations on how to go about grokking it ALL.

I explained why meditation interests me to a friend last night. Basically, I see the world as a lot of toys. Puzzles, movies, games, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, sex, friends, chemistry, math, music, language, philosophy, gardening—it’s all toys. All these toys have one major thing in common: they’re all temporary. All the toys of this world are subject to change. This is why, if we become attached to them, we will suffer. Non-attachment means we can still play with the toys, but when they change, we can accept it and still be happy.
Toys vary in grossness and subtlety. Gross toys, for example, are bodies, whereas subtle toys are thoughts and feelings. On the gross level, we can play with our fingers; on the subtle level, we can play with anger or joy.
The subtle toys, like the gross toys, are all-ways subject to change.
No toys are better or worse than others—people simply play with what they want to play with. Of course, in our culture, a lot of people play with certain toys because we have learned to like / covet / lust after / cling to those toys, especially toys that are unhealthy (in excess), and often more harmful than helpful to our life experience.
There is one “Grand Toy” that never changes, that language cannot accurately describe because it is infinite, and words are finite, but that “Grand Toy” can be called Life / Reality / God(dess).
The practice of meditation, on one hand, helps a person calmly realize what toys s/he really wants to play with. On a deeper level, meditation slowly, delicately, moves a person from toys to the Toy-Maker. The Toy-Maker is as fun and loving as all the toys of the universe(s) combined, and then some… infinitely some.
While I still like to play with many toys, gross and subtle, I believe it a very worthwhile endeavor, while we have this Life of Toys, to work / practice / exercise to meet and communie with the Toy-Maker itself, the eternal, never-ending Toy-Maker, in which happiness, joy, harmony and peace forever, for ever resides. Knowing the Toy-Maker, we can enjoy the toys even more.


From the above website, here’s a great explanation of (one view) of Reality.

Here’s the beginning of that article, with a great chart that explains the levels of toys real well. The chart is based on the Sanskrit language, a mystical, purposefully-vibratory language. (Yoga, by the way, means Union, coming from the root “yoke”, the harness placed on an animal that pulls a carriage forward.):

Rediscovery of pure consciousness: The process of Self-realization is one of attention reversing the process of manifestation, of retracing consciousness back through the levels of manifestation to its source. To have a general understanding of this process is extremely useful, if not essential in the practice of Yoga.

What It is... ALL of It.




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