Transforming (Resistance) to Curious Creativity

12 03 2010

Listening to Sonia Choquette describe some techniques to transform our self from a victim, a being enslaved to our mental limitations, to a brave, creative being, was very inspiring. Here’s some wisdom she shared:

1. Relinquish Fear. Fear is paralyzing. It constricts. To get rid of a fear, just name it. (i.e. I’m afraid if I do some thing, no one will like me, I’ll be cast off the planet as a weirdo, etc). Try this: Place your hand on your heart and say “If I weren’t afraid, I would…” This helps us realize our Heart’s Desire.

2. Believe! Get rid of that “Stink Eye” that sees only the “bad”, the naysayer, the negative nancy… just knock it off. Try focusing on what you Love, and see how that feels.

Here’s an interesting idea Sonia touched upon: “Feeling activates creation”. Whatever we feel, we create. The universe doesn’t respond to the mind, it responds to our emotions. The mind masturbates, while the heart waltzes with the world.
(I’m not sure if I totally agree with that, but I don’t disagree with it.)

Main Message Being: We oughta quit being downers. We’re not victims, we’re receivers–what are we gonna do with what we got now? Well, the same thing we’ve been doing all our lives– CREATE!

And if you want, instead of creating what you fear by focusing on what you fear and on negative “bad” things…
create what you want by focusing on what you want.

EVERY THING around you was imagined before it become “real”… what you imagine has power. Be CARE-FULL! šŸ™‚

Sonia wrote the words to this tune. It’s feel good fun one:




How are you?

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