static/dynamic Quality

24 03 2010

here are some thoughts inspired by Robert M. Pirsig’s novel Lila, the sequel to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.


Reality is made of Quality. Reality is Quality. or, as John Keats once wrote, “Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty”.

an initial distinction can be used to discuss Quality: the distinction of static Quality and dynamic Quality.

static Quality is the ocean that is forever the ocean.
dynamic Quality is the tip of the wave, forever changing, forever in motion, forever new.

dynamic Quality, that spontaneous feeling of oneness, of WOW! BLISS! OOOOOOOOOOH! aaaaaaaaaaaah. is Beautiful; it is Love.
static Quality is the foundation that supports dynamic Quality.
we need ’em both for Quality (Reality) to continue.

but sometimes we get stuck in static Quality and forget about dynamic Quality. we get stuck in “the way it is.” we can become so preoccupied with the ocean, we don’t notice the waves. this can be problematic if we want to experience the waves (newness / freedom / bliss / love / change). binding our self to a set model of static Quality can also be problematic if the ever-new and unpredictable Reality reveals some thing that does not fit into our current understanding of “the way it is”. for instance, if you are in an intimate relationship with some one, and they want to be in an intimate relationship with you and some one else, and your definition of static Quality doesn’t include their new dynamic Quality of multiple partners at one time, then your limited view of reality is in for a shock; it can damage your health, mental and physical.

SO, a very healthy method of shaking our static Quality to include more dynamic Quality is to expand our definitions.

for the over-anxious freedom-smothering worrier, try expanding your definition of “safe”.
for any person who is afraid of death, try expanding your definition of “life”.
for the person who is constantly frustrated about work, try expanding your definition of “fun”. (also, try expanding your definition of “how-to-do-work”).

other words you might like expanding your definitions of: “good”, “beautiful”, “success”. Can you think of any others?

go ahead… grow.




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25 03 2010

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