room for Rumi

4 04 2010

“For years, copying other people, I tried to know myself.
From within, I couldn’t decide what to do.
Unable to see, I heard my name being called.
Then I walked outside.”

– Rumi

I used to write a lot more than I’ve written recently.

I still love, respect and admire the act of self-expression through writing: language has helped me sort my thoughts and emotions out in a way I can understand. Of course, I don’t always understand what I write, but the simple act of letting my mind spill into letters and language lets me feel much better than before, like there had been large rocks and tree limbs impeding a river’s flow, and writing helps me clear the debris somehow. Some how…

But lately, I’ve been more meditative and contemplative. I’ve found such bliss by creating art, whispering it to the wind, loving it like a child, and letting time wash it away, like a perfectly shaped footprint made on a sand bar during low-tide. Sometimes I fall in love with a new phrase or a melody, but I choose not to write it down. At first, I’ll meet a feeling of possessiveness and clinging: “I MUST record this! I must remember the phrase I just said!” and sometimes I do write it down; but if I can relinquish it, surrender that phrase to the moment and let it be just for that special place and time Creativity IN-SPIRITed me… I meet such an indescribable feeling of letting go, an emptiness and a fullness, a care-less careing… Surrender… Peace.

Here’s a poem I wrote recently:


Life is so Perfect,

writing poetry is like

playing tennis with
a wall


sprinkling water on a

My reading has changed a lot too: I find I’ve been very purpose-driven lately. I want to read things that progress positive living, that help guide me through myself (mystical and metaphysical views on the “Self” and “Reality”), and “children’s books” that help freshen my perspective on the world. I haven’t read as much “art for art’s sake” as I once did. Neverthless, I picked up a book of poetry by Rumi recently, and it’s perfect: Simple, Deep, Wise-as-Love, Loving, Lovely, just… a breath of fresh air.

“Birdsong, wind,
the water’s face.

Each flower, remembering the smell:
I know you’re close by.”


In Joy!




How are you?

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