Without Suffering (based on last post, “Peace Be the Journey”)

12 05 2010

What is the foundation of your life? Is it your house? Is it your job? Your income? Is it your family? Is it your body? Is it your name?

Question: What do all these things have in common?

Answer: They are all temporary.

Response: Isn’t every thing temporary? Even planets are temporary! Every thing is temporary!

This bloggers answer: Every THING is temporary, but EVERYTHING is eternal.

There is an eternal foundation for all of life. It doesn’t have a physical fom because all forms arise and pass away, and that is not eternal. What is eternal is the process, the ever-present, form-changing now. The fact of EXISTENCE is this eteranl foundation. If you base your life off of this universal IS, you can live without suffering. With the simple awareness that “this planet, this house, this job, this money, this family, this body, this name… it is all temporary”, you can fully live in joy with what is while it is, and when it’s not, you can accept that it is not, as a new form replaces the shape of the old.

There are other ways to understand and know the eternal foundation. Two of my favorite ways (of re-membering the eternal) are breathing (where does the breath COME from?), and feeling feelings. Breath, Feelings, Change, they don’t have form, but they keep us going. These foundations of life, beyond our body and even our name, basing our life on forever isness, this is how we can live without suffering the vicissitudes (ups and downs) of a life of form.

Peace be the journey.

We are that Peace, and we walk that journey.




How are you?

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