why be stupid and hurtful?

19 05 2010
On facebook, I wrote: “how does it go? well, it goes like this: you can say what you want, and you can’t ever miss.”
A friend then wrote: “No? How come people sometimes say such stupid and hurtful things?”
Then I wrote this:
that’s a great question. i don’t know, but i guess because people learn stupid and hurtful things, and people learn that doing stupid and hurtful things can accomplish “desirable ends” (at least, commercials and sitcoms and parents and teachers etc. make certain ends appear desirable), so people say stupid and hurtful things because they believe saying stupid and hurtful things are the best things to say. monkey see monkey do. of course, huwans have free will, but most huwans think we’re not huwans, but monkeys… or sheep.

being hurtful and stupid is a necessary part of our consumer/greedy-capitalist/victimized/competitive culture. as long as we think we have to serve our culture, we’ll be stupid and hurtful. if we find something ‘higher’ to serve (i.e. our Self, individual or universal [same thing]), we can forgive and help, and be on the mark for compassion. that’s Infinite Light expressing itself as peace. when people are stupid and hurtful, that’s Infinite Light expressing itself as petty cruelty. we can’t ever miss because Infinite Light (WE) are every thing. cruelty and compassion are equally valuable experiences. one is generally much more enjoyable than the other, but that’s for every individual to figure out for their self.

to get to know the restaurant (fully), we gotta try every meal. if a lot of people choose one meal and tell you to choose the same meal and insult you if you choose another meal, u might choose the most popular meal, even if the most popular meal is deep-fried bigotry, sauteed in racism and sexism, covered in violence and hate gravy; this meal is spiced with heaping amounts of insecurity, fear, and denial. even if there are tastier, healthier, better meals, that stupid and hurtful meal can become incredibly popular if the restaurant advertises that meal 24/7 and hides the rest of the menu… “you mean… we can choose compassion???? why doesn’t the television ever tell me that! i thought i had to yell YANKEES SUCK whenever i visited new york!”

if the restaurant ain’t healthy, maybe it’s time to cook our own, homegrown garden veggies 🙂

anyway, from food, to tv shows, to books, to thoughts and emotions… be care-full what you eat. if others are stupid and hurtful, that’s their diet, not yours. forgiveness is essential for this world of such beautiful and horrific freedom.




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