Individual & Social

30 05 2010

some thoughts

The paradox is: I am my Self, and I am the World. You are your Self, and You are the World. But You and I are different.

On an individual level, it’s strange. On a social level, how do we decide what’s okay for the world?

We cannot say “this water must be a gas” if the water isn’t a gas. Every water molecule must evaporate.

We cannot make laws that say “these people must act this way” if that way is not heated and nurtured.

Rather than controlling, your self or society, set a climate that encourages the actions you desire.

It’s a long term thing, and that means it’s longer lasting than a short term thing. If you want to be peaceful, saying “PEACE IS HERE NOW” won’t have as much affect as meditating for 10 or more minutes every day or so.

Set the climate, and the rest will follow.

“There comes a time when the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to bloom”




How are you?

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