Tea-Cat Morning

4 08 2010

Good morning! I’m drinking tea, and there’s a cat walking outside my window. It’s a tea-cat morning.

Aside from paperwork to make me a legal care-taker of mentally disabled folks, paperwork to make me an AmeriCorps member, and other paperwork, I’ve been helping prepare / clean meals in the house, having fun with the community members, and working in the seed shop.

Camphill Village (here in Copake) is home to the only biodynamic seed shop in the country. It’s amazing what goes on in between the growth of a seed in the fields, to the mass distribution of the seeds gained from those plants: picking, drying, cleaning, sifting, picking out the stems, and that’s as much as I know so far. Monday, I was pulling out weeds around the zucchinis and tomatoes; Tuesday, I sifted to remove stems and collect seeds; all the while, I have met only great people, from the immensely farm knowledgeable, to the farm novice, everywhere in between, and the just-plain-happy-to-be-in-the-sun.

Last night was karaoke night (organized by a few short-term coworkers (short-term being about one year))! Forty or so community members got together in the hall, danced together and sang together. I sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with Randi, a villager in my house. It’s amazing how unabashed the villagers are. Many of them LOVE to dance, and because of their enjoyment, they’re great at it!

The unspoken and agreed upon rule here is: “Smile, why not!”

I’ve witnessed some difficulties, like a sickness, or a canceled vacation… but I haven’t seen much stress or worry. Let it all happen, with time for every thing.

While weeding, Mike, a fellow coworker, asked me, “Does this place seem surreal to you?”

To me, New York City is surreal, with the lights and the 4 AM parties, and the explosive value messages of million dollar advertisements.
But Camphill might be the realest place I’ve ever been. It’s so simple:

Situation: We would like to live, so we need food.
Solution: Let’s live close together, be nice to each other, and work all year for and with our food.
Results: Joy.

To refer to the previous post, the difference between pre-recorded music, music that has been converted into electrical waves, and live music, music as pure sound waves, in its own language, with no translation… Camphill is direct, live, with no foreign conversion or translation. The work IS the life. It’s all here, on the ground. We are riding the waves of our selves and each other, and the energy we invest in the earth, and the energy the sun and the moon and the earth share with us.

It doesn’t feel surreal… it feels natural… really real.




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