in between (the vibe, part 2)

7 08 2010


stephen and i cleaned the upstairs bathroom (while the rest of the house members cleaned other parts). start at the top, let gravity mess up the floor, finish at the bottom. scrub-a-dub-dub, spray shine and love. don’t use water on dust, that makes it stick. start wiping, then spraying, then rinsing.

skillful means; tactfully.

then chico and i took leftover millet and noodles, along with squash, tomatoes (i had de-seeded with a crew in the seed shop on friday, and kept a lot of the tomato shells), fried garlic and onions, scallion, spinach, and some big green leafy goodness, (all grown in the gardens, nurtured by each other, our neighbors, and the elementals (thank ’em so much)), and threw ’em in boiling water with soy sauce and instant miso soup packets, and we called it soup, or stew, we didn’t really give it a name, (fire! fire on the mountain!).
at lunch, we say a short grace together, hold hands and say “may the meal be blessed”. (that’s at every meal). then chico and i served the stew (with bread), and when every one had their bowl, then we all began eating together. after the meal, we take a few seconds of silence and say together, “thank you for the meal”, put the candle out (that was lit at the beginning of the meal), and say “good afternoon / morning / evening”.
then i showered in the bathroom i had cleaned.

during the week, some community members work in houses in the mornings, cleaning and cooking. others work in the woodshop, the estate (keeping the grounds usable, sapping trees in the winter, chopping down nearly falling trees (so they won’t fall on other people unexpectedly) and collecting already fallen down trees throughout the 600 acres of property), in the gardens (making the food edible, or the seeds gatherable, or the herbs tea or tincture make-able), in the weavery (making napkins and towels we use in the houses, or other people buy and use in their houses), making candles, making stained glass, baking bread, and serving coffee and cakes in the cafe.

the work that’s done here is used by all who live here. the feeling of serving ten people a meal i helped make, eating tomatoes i brought to the house, and using a bathroom i helped clean, feels incredible.
feels alive.
and at the same time, it is so humbling to be so insignificant compared to all the life-flowing processes at work.

i am one more grain of sand; and without the single grains, there would not be a beach.

the word homage has come up several times lately. reverence rendered through action. this whole life is paying homage, and reaping the appreciation.

see, we’re all gifts. when we touch our hand to a tree, the tree appreciates us. when we smile at a child, even if they stare at us blankly, somewhere inside, they love us. share yourselves, in anyway you can; this world is better for you being here. you were not born in sin, you are not tarnished, no matter your past, you are a blessing.

we are blessings.

blessed be.




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