the vibe

7 08 2010

where souls are nurtured…

“if our emotions are free, our intellect will look after itself.”
– A.S. Neill

what is camphill… like?

every morning, our house meets at 7:15 in the living room. first, a candle is lit, and we read a passage from the bible (the same passage every day for one week). nearly every house in every camphill village throughout the world reads the same passage every morning; it’s like a wave flowing through the time zones.
then, we read a daily newsletter, which tells what meetings and events are happening today. the letter also tells of anyone’s birthday and anyone leaving on vacation or returning. (for most people who have been here at least a year, everyone knows everyone; remember, there are over 200 people living here.)
next, we discuss plans for our house for the day, who needs a car, what people would like to have happen, who can do it, etc.
finally, a divinely inspired poem is read; some one puts out the candle, and we go to dine breakfast.

a little while later, we go to bed.

a lot of stuff happens in between.

what i’d like to convey to you now is the sense of community that exists here. on thursday night, the coworkers of this house had a house meeting. first question, asked to everyone, individually:  “How are you feeling?” after every one had placed their emotional energy into the circle, we discussed plans for the next week. decisions are made based one what is best for the community, and what is best for the community depends on what is best for the members of the community. i was crying inside for how warm and actively compassionate i realized this place is. people CARE about each other. people accommodate each other. people help each other. and every one WANTS to! because everyone plainly understands “it’s not just me. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.” so, we care for each other, and THIS is lived as best as we can make it. and we’re huwan beings—we’re heavenly powerful.

Stephen, my house father, said, “Immorality is just another word for egotism”.

flowing through camphill is


I’m still learning what that means, and how to live it.





How are you?

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