roses and thorns

13 08 2010

so far, i reckon i’ve painted a pretty rosey picture of this place. it is an idealistic home, somewhere you’d be happy to wake up to after a nightmare.

still, there are some clouds. for instance, my immune system has been getting stronger, as a sinus cold has been eagerly greeting many people in the village. “We share every thing here, even our sicknesses.”

sometimes a villager can freak out and shout and swear and stomp away…

sometimes you just don’t understand another, and communication just doesn’t happen…

sometimes the work is tiring…

sometimes stress hits, and we keep swimming, swimming, swimming, sharing our karma with our neighbors and family, and swimming together, together, together. “We all trip and stumble; that’s why we hold hands and walk together.” cause we don’t all trip at the same time. it’s beautiful, how strength spreads itself.

we live on a philosophy of abundance here. there is MORE than enough, more than enough time to do what you need to do, more than enough people to make the wheel spin, more than enough elements to help what you need to survive, and more than enough food to keep us all going.
of course, our sense of abundance is tempered with responsibility, NEVER abuse (hopefully; unless there is; in which case, we work on/with it). much awareness is placed into how much money can be spent for “music lessons, restaurants, new clothes / second-hand clothes” etc.
once a positive idea, coming from a truly positive heart, becomes serious… it gets funding. positivity attracts positive energy—makin’ it happen! and positivity multiplies and multiplies and grows and grows… like a family tree, sharing life… ooh yah.

“Believe there is abundance in this world, and live fully, content and sharing.
Believe there is a lacking scarcity in this world, and fight for every thing, living… on guard, fearful and contracted.”

^that’s really important. REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT! (remember, NOW is called the PRESENT… it’s a gift, ya dig? life doesn’t need to shrink itself, it shares itself. it’s not survival of the fittest, just elimination of the 1% weakest. don’t worry about it. work easy, not hard. life is a bottomless well… OVERFLOWING!)

australian aboriginals walk through the dessert for months, bringing nothing but their sensitivity and trust. they leave content, having been provided for by the spirit of life.

“Birds can fly because they have perfect faith”. – J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

you are blessed.
you are so blessed.
so so so blessed.

laugh a little, child.
there is time and space enough
for all experience.

now get off your ass and ripple some waves with heart.





One response

14 08 2010

from the film Waking Life, Chapter 14 – Ants :

We seem to think we’re so limited by the world and its confines, but really, we’re just creating them. You keep trying to figure it out, but it seems like now that you know that what you’re doing is dreaming, you can do whatever you want to. You’re dreaming, but you’re awake. You have, um, so many options, and that’s what life is about.

Well, I understand what you’re saying. It’s up to me. I’m the dreamer. It’s weird, like, so much of the information that these people have been like imparting to me. I don’t know. It’s got this, like, really heavy connotation to it.

Well, how do you feel?

Well, well, sometimes I feel kind of isolated, but most of the time I feel really connected, really, like, engaged in this active process. Which is kind of weird because most of the time I’ve just been really passive and not really responding, except for now, I guess. I’m just kind of letting the information wash over me.

It’s not necessarily passive to not respond verbally. We’re communicating on, on so many levels simultaneously. Perhaps you’re, you’re perceiving directly.

Most of the people that I’ve been encountering, and most of the things that I would want to say, it’s like they kind of say it for me, and almost like at my cue. It’s, it’s like complete unto itself. It’s not like I’m having a bad dream, it’s a great dream. But … it’s so unlike any other dream I’ve ever had before. It’s like the dream. It’s like I’m being prepared for something.


here’s a fun place to sexplore with your mind:
chew the ideas; spit out what u don’t like, swallow what you might…

How are you?

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