Soul Calendar

30 08 2010

Every day, to conclude the morning circle (going over the news and events for the current day), immediately before snuffing out the candle and sitting down for breakfast, we read a weekly poem, channeled from a divine source. The Calendar of the Soul was written with Rudolf Steiner’s hand, but it is the only book of his that does not have his name on the cover.

Last Thursday night, Richard Steele, a scholar and former Copake coworker, gave a lecture, a talk, on the Soul Calendar Verses. I find the poems extremely profound, read alone and cumulatively. Each verse has 3 counterparts throughout the year, mapped in a 52-part moving-cycle. It’s difficult to explain, and it probably won’t alter your life too much if you know the method, so I’ll just leave you with this week’s verse, 22 (verse 1 is the week of Easter). You can also look on the above website every Monday for the new week’s verse (try some different translations), or click here for an option to have the verses sent to you, weekly, by email. Reading it every morning has a deep, consistent, spread out, powerful effect.

The light from world-wide spaces
works on within, with living power;
Transformed to light of soul
it shines into the spirit depths
to bring to birth the fruits
whereby out of the Self of Worlds
the Human Self in course of time shall ripen.




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