Relative Importance and Energy Use

12 09 2010

My last post was only about two weeks ago, but a lot has happened since then, internally and externally. I could tell you about my new house, my new room, and the people I am now living with, and what it feels like to see people from my old house as neighbors, passing on the roads. I could tell you about the friends I’ve been making, the jam sessions, the arts and crafts night, the official meetings, the massages, the fires and swimming. I could tell you about the seminar, the exercises focusing our attention on details (stare at one part of the body of the person sitting next to you, and write and/or draw what you see), methods to show a person you care about them (how often do we sit next to and let another person tell us about their day?), or what the difference between soul (emotions) and spirit (creative force) is.

But I don’t think all that is important for you.
If it were, it would be happening to you, or the spirit would move me to tell you more details about it all; but the spirit is moving me to write this instead:

I’ve been sitting in silence, with eyes closed, spending time with my self, whereas in previous weeks, I was on the computer (after meditating for ten minutes after lunch, this blog post decided to be born, so here I am, typing). I have often said people are pure potential: when we complain, we are using our potential to complain; when we paint, we are using our potential to paint; etc. We can use our potential in ANY and EVERY way. I could use my potential to read every book recommended to me, but that could take hundreds of years. With so much potential, the question is: “What is important?” “What has personal meaning?”

Updating this blog has become less important to me. What is important to me now-a-days is picking soybeans out of the ground, placing them on tarps, and bringing them to the seed shop. Watering the plants in the greenhouse is important to me. Serving evening tea to my house is important to me. Stopping and Talking to people I make eye contact with is important.

Recently, I’ve realized how meaningful consistent meditation is to me. Being awake from 7-11 every day, working in the physical world, it becomes easy to lose my foundation, my center, my balance; and any little grievance, any intentional or unintentional slight, can throw me out of my peace drastically! But spending thirty minutes to one hour a day in silent, contemplative tranquility, just BEing [with] my self, I find it roots me deeper and deeper into who I am, and what is important to me. Later, when speaking with other people, saying “No, I do not have time for that right now”, or “Yes, I’d love to help you with that right now!” is so much easier, when I feel comfortable with my BEing, my interior. I think time needs to be spent on the periphery (walking with people, talking, using the internet, cooking, eating, watering plants), and, if that time is to be as meaningful, powerful, and useful as it can be, time also needs to be spent in the interior, in one’s center, without distractions, quieting the mental dialogue, just being. The more time one spends jogging, the more one can run; The more time one spends with their inner self, the more one can be their self while being with others.

Being selfish can be altruistic. I think that what is best for others is if I am firmly rooted in my self, so much so that I can extend myself with more strength and sincerity, fully awake and aware of others. And the more I rejuvenate in meditation, the more power I have to utilize my potential for awareness, to best serve those around me. AND the more I am aware of my self and what is truly important and meaningful to me.

If it is important for you to know about me and my happenings, you will. Perhaps I will feel moved to tell you, or maybe you will feel moved to ask me. But do know: you cannot depend on me. Traffic might hold me up, I might get sick and want to stay in bed, and some day, I might even die (at least, this body, as you know me, will die). Sincerely, the only thing you can depend on is your self. So…

What is important to you?




One response

27 09 2010

Thank you. This is a beautiful statement to read at the end of a good Sunday. God in you and may he fill thy spirit. Good Night Daniel……………..Roxanne

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