Dinner and Music

18 09 2010

Tonight, Byron, Aaron, D___, and myself, went to the cafe at 6:30, for dinner and music. The Cafe was filled with… i’m not too skilled at guesstimating… a lot of people! After being served dinner, salad and desert, THIS GROUP sat down and serenaded us for an hour. Halfway through the set, their dancer came out and enticed the crowd to stand up and dance, when we weren’t mesmerized by her beautiful movements. Listen to ’em here: http://www.transition-music.com/musik_videos.html

The rest of the house went to Hudson to eat a restaurant.

Each house has its own mailing address, its own budget, its own people, and its own way of life. It feels more and more real the longer I’m here.

I’ve been here for 1 1/2 months, and it feels like one week.
Meanwhile, each weeks feels like one month!
We’re in some sort of worm-hole in time here, so filled with… LIFE!

I planted some bean seeds in a pot in my room today. I also pick flowers once a week to keep my room… flowery.





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