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16 10 2010

One villager here, L_____, constantly asks the question: “Any good news?”

I’ve been reading the book The Gospel According to Jesus, by Stephen Mitchell, translator of The Tao Te Ching, The Book of Job, Rilke poetry, and other inspired works. I highly recommend it to any one.

While reading, I found a way to address a question, posed to me often by my father, asked by many, regarding the “spiritual revolution”: How can an individuals’ spiritual transformation help this worlds’ “problem(s)”, such as psychopath corporations murdering the planet, the food we eat, and consequently all living species on this planet; governments and media that allow (and perhaps encourage) this to happen; yada yada yada, all the physical, “real life” “tragedies” we can cry over during any “news” cast or “news”paper.

Gospel means “good news”.

Suppose we tell a five-year-old to “paint a wagon red”. First, we will have to teach the child what a “wagon” is, what “red” is, and how to paint.

In our world, we cannot tell a wheel to stop rolling—momentum keeps moving. Economy is moving towards profit, at the expense of the Earth, and telling an oil company to “stop drilling for oil” is like standing in front a boulder, rolling down a hill, with a hand up, saying “Stop!”

We can, however, change the boulders’ circumstances, diverting, re-directing its direction. Government legislation could be one diversion: a large wall in the boulders’ path saying something like “No more stabbing the planet—there are alternative, unlimited energy sources. Oil is now illegal, and sun energy is our new currency.”

But the government isn’t doing that.

(stop me, i’m getting political! where was this meant to go? oh yes…)

Suppose we tell a person: “Go forth, and make Love on this planet! Spread peace! and harmony! and joy!” Simply put, we would first have to teach a person what Love is. Without the initial experience of Love, Love cannot exist. But not every one has parents, not every one has friends, not every one is socially accepted by the world they were born into.

Fortunately, the flowing energy that birthed you, your parents, and their parents, this planet, this galaxy, this solar system, and every thing that has and will ever happen… loves you. That flowing energy unconditionally accepts each and every one of us. [it] is a verb, constantly, renewingly, opening its metaphorical arms and lips to hug and kiss us and tell us “You’re okay! You’re okay! Whatever you did, are doing, or will do, I LOVE YOU!”

That’s the good news Jesus brought.

As a zen teacher once said, “The world is perfect; and there’s room for improvement”.

Like the child who must learn a foundation of knowledge in order to paint a wagon red, if we want to create positive, social change, we must FIRST experience positive energy. That cannot always come from our peers, for [nearly] every thing in our culture (including each other) is heavily saturated by negative, “status quo”,  stressful, victimized, guilty, shameful, judgmental, angry stories.

But if you walk through the woods, if you notice that miracle of a flower growing through a crack of pavement, if you stop in your tracks, see a cloud move over to reveal the sun we forgot, and feel a gust of wind at your back… sigh. there it is. all around us, in our sighs; ready for us, at any and every moment, we choose to re-cognize it.

It is from the present, the Love that is the energy of Life, that we can manifest a positive, peaceful world, and a positive future for our children.

And when we incorporate that “spiritual”, actual, presence of grace that is HERE NOW into our very being, our thoughts, our emotions, our essence; when our self becomes divine Love… then all our actions, organizations, laws and legislations, will naturally spread that energy, to each other, to the planet, through and to our selves.




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16 10 2010
Janice Halpern

The Globe today reports on recent research on empathy, and that it’s declining. This supports your point that we can’t rely on peers for positive energy. It also supports your point that media saturates us with negatives. Intersting article, though.

But still, one soul living/acting/exuding The Love That Is The Energy of Life sends out only tiny ripples of Love into the world’s tsunami of negativity, maybe affecting a handful of water droplets. And the tsunami rages on. Can we ever reach a critical mass of peaceful souls to calm the storm?

Or is Camphill Village a micro-world, a living example where peace and love DO overpower the waves of negativity? And how can the spirit of Camphill ripple into the larger society?

Just questions and hopes, no answers. All love 🙂

16 10 2010

Love to you too.

We can’t rely on the Boston Glove for positive energy. I read that farticle (farticle because it stinks, focusing on a negative trend, rather than giving advice or making people happy about emotions… it read like a flat, emotionless robot observing only the most depressing parts of our current culture… isn’t there a robot like that in HitchHiker’s Guide?). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the “news”papers generally keep peoples minds at the status quo, and it is the status quo that is killing the planet. I think empathy is a noble life-style for social beings. But a person can’t gain empathy by watching television. A person gains empathy by talking to the person at the store, on the train, at the gas station, and listening to the feelings underlying the interaction, and even TALKING about FEELINGS.
(Sorry bout the rant, I notice I adopt that mood when negative “news” is brought up… I tend to find myself melancholy and exacerbated at the face of “news”; and that’s why I avoid it. Life will flow along, even if CNN doesn’t come with us.)

The world is a tsunami, but not only of negative energy. The world is a tsunami of hurricane volcano tornado black white purple green red energy, and it can inspire a person to commit suicide or to write a sonnet.

How can the general culture trend of empathy-less drones and negative nancies shift to some thing more sustainable and refreshing? I don’t know. How do bees find flowers with pollen? How do lovers find each other? How did Shakespeare write?
I think one hint is the word “inspiration”, derived from the words “in” and “spirit”. Once a spark of joy is found, like one drop of the most potent, essential oil, into a cup of tea, an individual’s heart beats with new vigor, the blood is cleansed, and the breath flows easier. And you better believe that bliss is a big part of the spiritual revolution.
Living an inspired life, following a path with heart, every thing in its right place, the universe pulsates and we are leaves falling from trees.

If we are to be peace, as individuals and as a society, (and this is the issue I will not write a blog about, for it can only be realized by people who want to realize it, and I do not want to instigate a battle of words over some thing that is, in its nature, silent), we simply need to realize the things we call “problems” are not problems, its just karma living itself out. When we forgive our mental label of “negativity”, the negativity dissolves into the oneness of The Love That Is The Energy of Life. Yes, Love can murder. Why? I don’t know. Why do the seasons change? Why do some cultures celebrate funerals? Why do comets grace the sky?

Maybe the storm will never calm; but by calming our selves, we can live in the eye of the storm, and set up communities in the eye, and enlargen the eye, and live peaceful lives, in millions of eyes, i&i vibrations, jah! And it’s not just a handful, it is a lot, and it is growing. On October tenth, thousands of work parties around the world enacted what might be history’s most attended ecology movement:

We can smile at the world, and if the world still wants to frown, that’s okay—that’s the worlds’ karma. The world does have its karma, but each of us has our own karma too. We cannot, individually, change the worlds’ karma, but we can, individually, work on our own karma, and THAT is a job for many lifetimes. And, maybe, if we focus on our own karma, that is how the world lives out its karma. The social world, made of individuals being individuals, socially… ?

16 10 2010

Hmm, but while this cannot always come from peers, I like to remember the power of sharing that observation – of noticing the miracle of a growing flower – with someone, seeing that miracle glow in their eyes, and having the shared experience multiply the power of that love.

16 10 2010

in deed. and for some lucky lives, great friends and parents and acquaintances and phenomenon CAN manifest the Loveliest portrayals of the Light that is Life.

and, “when friends just can’t be found”… “like a bridge over troubled water”, life still smiles up and down

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