more on Love (cause it feels good, hehe)

30 10 2010

To summarize the last post: We cannot make Love unless we first know Love,
and we all know Love (even if we don’t know we know it), because Love is what gives us Life.

Love says “Yes, be born!”, and then “Yes!” to everything else that happens in this space-time continuum.

STOP! What is happening right now? … … … … …



BE AWARE: We may call something “True Love”, when it is a murky, clouded form of Love, that could be much clearer.

If we think we love some one, and we also think that if we caught them “cheating” on us, we would no longer love them, while we may be in love (indeed, we all-ways are), this is also a deep-rooted form of attachment and dependence. Love, the “Yes!”, Life-giving Love, is UNCONDITIONAL. It all-ways Loves.
That’s also the “Christ impulse”, the lord smiling on all the lillies of the valley, cloud-raining and sun-shining on the just and the wicked, on the “faithful” and the “cheaters”.

There’s this “Rally to Restore Sanity” happening now in D.C. I don’t have or watch television nowadays, but I think the gist of it is: The political soap-opera is too angry to do any good—We all need to calm down and smile if we want to make any actual, positive change for a more sustainable planet / social life-experience.
Well, what better way to calm down than to forgive, to smile unconditionally, to Love your enemy, be it the republicans, the democrats, the government as a whole, the dollar bill, your parents… just Love it all. Accept it, and Love it. And then, healthy, sustainable action will flow forth naturally.

Exercise: Sit where you are for a moment, with your eyes closed, and feel what the word unconditional does / means for You.







How are you?

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