on our cultural crisis

6 11 2010

so i wrote a free write, with the plan to expand it, to best speak to you, the reader, these thoughts.
but it’s a touchy subject, and instead of masking my feelings with thought-out and formulated language, i’ve decided to post the notes.
take them as they are, unedited, from my heartandmind:

Worry about the planet,
the lack of soil,
the lack of species,
the pollution,
the physical freedom for people living in the police states of the world….

but worry doesn’t feel good.



we gonnna die!

we’re all temporary bodies.

and this incarnation, “2010 AD”, is probably only a fraction of how much life HAS lived on this planet at any given time.

so we can relax the stress.

now, for our life experience, it can help to ask: what feels best?

if u find “less pollution”, then live that way.

still, we’re all going to die,
so don’t worry about that.

place your care in:

how shall we live?

message: don’t worry, worrying is silly; like fearing a fall leaf landing on the ground as it leaves its tree… then zooming the focus back and seeing all the leaves that are falling and have already fallen; life has its way, and if we don’t worry about it, if we just rake the leaves (if we want to) while we and they are here, we make room in our perception to see that life’s way is a pretty great way.

We just gotta accept the fact that the leaf is gonna fall, and then, there’s no worry.
surrender to the fall, and we can enjoy the fall.

while we work on our lives, instead of worrying: we can care. it’s an attitude thing.

worry has a negative, retracting, contracting effect.
care has a positive, expanding, sharing effect.

don’t worry.










2 responses

16 11 2010
Janice Halpern

i worry BECAUSE I care. (or I worry because I breathe). Worryo, ergo sum (I worry, therefore I am). 🙂

26 11 2010


does that feel right? does it make sense, mentally? do you like that position?

i could be wrong, but i do not think care and worry are logical co-workers. i think they are directly opposed to each other.

Care, i reckon, is a pouring outward, a compassion, a forgiveness, a giving thanks, an expansive sharing of Love.
Worry, i reckon, is a retraction, a fearful, paralyzing, debilitating blockade to Love’s flow.

i think they are two drastically different ways of being. Care, in it’s purest form, i imagine to be a non-attached, come-what-may-i’ll-still-love-it-unconditionally, hugging and being with and sharing joy with! Worry, on the other hand, means to me, an attached, clinging, stuckness. and when we are attached, when we are stuck on any one thing, we aren’t as open to all the other blessings the Present offers.

sometimes, worry may wear a mask, and call itself care… but whereas Care comes from Love, Worry comes from Fear, and Love and Fear, i understand to be opposites.

i think worry and care are two different perspectives, two different attitudes, and i have found that they result in two very different feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

life’s a game. experiment with ’em. worrying, caring, worrying, caring. are they different? are they the same? let the pendulum swing, and re-member, there’s always time for center, for center is always now.

How are you?

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