on the unfolding treasure of art

6 11 2010

I hiked Monument Mountain in Great Barrington the other day—super awesome. Great exercise, great oxygen, great auditory ambiance, and while hiking, I find my thoughts to flow in an unequaled clear, pure, concentrated flow. There’s an effect that may be true, not just a nice metaphor, that the farther away the visible horizon is, the more far-reaching our minds can go.

Here’s one thing I was thinking of, that I’d like to write down, so I’m writing it down here.

It can be very exciting to purchase a new piece of art. A new book! A new album! A new movie! A new painting!
Pieces of art are treasures. Finding that special book in a book shelf is like finding buried treasure.

And getting the art is just the beginning. Once the art is purchased, in our possession, then we get the pleasure of consuming it–reading it, listening to it, etc. Here is where the treasure really shows its value.

Because it’s not just that the book is amazing because it is “this book”; what I find to be the most amazing part of art is the time and place, physically, emotionally, mentally, it reveals itself in the viewers life. Yes, regardless of time and place, whoever listens to Led Zeppelin IV will 9.9 times out of 10 be blown away… but the power of Led Zeppelin IV is multiplied a million fold by hearing it at just the right time. The brilliance of a book increases as you read it for a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and your whole life marinates in the art, takes on the character of the art that is vibrating and echoing in your subconscious, the art you are in.

Art is a treasure, but it is not isolated. That Life brought the art to you, that Life had you read it / listen to it / view it, at this point in your development… it’s as if Life itself is the treasure, and the art is just a beautiful, shining revelation on the path, one piece of gold that catches your eye in a chest that is always full.





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