justice and revenge

22 11 2010

can these words fit together?

i just watched Paradise Now, a film portraying the division between oppressors and the oppressed, based in the middle east.
i highly recommend it to you, especially if either or both of the two words in this blogs’ title mean anything important to you.

to share my mind: people are people, all equal in our possible potential, unique in our manifestations; no one person, or group of people, are a problem. dis-ease comes from ways: of acting, which are the results of ways of being. every way of being is possible, and quite often real, in ALL people; the extent to which, and the method, each person / group of people chooses to act, from a particular way of being, differs.
violence takes many forms, externally and internally. the only violence we can stop is the violence we ourselves are about to commit.
justice cannot be served by revenge.
the real revolution is compassion and forgiveness.
that is all.

walk in peace.




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